Design Summit Agenda


‘First Look’ Draft Agenda

Draft Agenda Date: July 31, 2018

*A detailed program will be released soon. Speakers will continue to be added to this page in the meantime.

The program will be divided in 5 key themes, with experts and top designers speaking and leading discussions:

Design for Manufacturing and Around High Duties

Manufacturing methods for footwear have changed quite rapidly over the past years, showing a much higher level of automation that has led to new constructions and materials, such as the surge in knitted uppers. Speakers in this section explain how designers can adjust their design process to incorporate these technologies, even if they do not have direct access to factories. They will also talk about how knowledge of the manufacturing process cannot just save time and money and increase quality, but will also enhance creativity.
Confirmed speakers: Wade MotawiJordi MontanerEva Klabalova John Pellegrini

Design Beyond Compliance

Discussions about design for sustainability often seem to centre on the question: “How can we be compliant?” Even though that is very important, it can also unnecessarily narrow your vision on the opportunities for green design. Instead of mainly focusing on which substances should NOT be used in your products, you could make even bigger strides by redesigning your product development strategy and process as such. This could save time and costs, greatly improve your carbon footprint and create much more engaging stories for the consumer. Speakers in this section, from both inside and outside the shoe industry, will share how they made their product development system as green as possible.
Confirmed speakers: Sanne van den Dungen – Mike Friton

Design Beyond Borders

The rise of Asia and the Middle East as the main growth markets for footwear creates new opportunities and challenges for designers. It opens up a new job market, but also demands different knowledge, since these markets have their own style, culture and retail structure. Speakers in this section explain what it is like to work as a designer for companies abroad, what the main differences are between these markets and western markets from the perspective of design and how you can build a diverse design team to best target these markets.
Confirmed speakers: D’Wayne Edwards – Omar Bailey

Digital Design

Whether you are still exploring which 3D design packages might provide the best workflow for your product and budget, or you are a digital design pro looking to push the boundaries of virtual prototyping or even parametric design systems, this section will bring you the answers you need! This is the most in-depth, diverse and future-forward discussion on digital design of any FDRA conference so far!
Confirmed speakers: Chris Hillyer – Mark Kokavec – Troy Nachtigall

Design for Customization/Co-creation

Customization seems to be the buzzword for design nowadays, but what does that actually mean? Will consumers really want to design their own shoes from scratch, or should professional designers create smart systems that enable people to tweak designs to their personal preferences yet within a clever framework that makes everyone happy? Speakers in this section will explain how to design your collections with customization in mind whilst avoiding a logistics, budget or branding nightmare.
Confirmed speakers: Safir Bellali 

There will also be a special lecture on the Future of Design by Nicoline van Enter, Footwearists

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