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FDRA has launched a platform where footwear professionals can take online classes on social compliance topics.  FDRA University is focused on training factories and providing U.S. professionals with continuous learning courses.  These courses, designed with both FDRA’s U.S. and international members in mind, are provided in both English and Chinese.

There is no cost for FDRA members to register. Non-members will be charged a tuition fee of $300 per class.

Click here to see the webinar on how FDRA-U operates

Click here to see the class listing and descriptions.

If you, employees at your company, or your factory managers would like to learn more about this exciting new initiative or sign up for the current compliance courses, please contact the Dean of FDRA-U, Andy Polk at apolk@fdra.org.

Course Information

  • Classes are taken at employee’s leisure.
  • They are in both Chinese and English.
  • They can help refresh U.S. professionals on compliance issues, as well as ensure your factories are getting the training they need to continuously improve on compliance.
  • Course work can be paused at any point and revisited to finish the class at any time.
  • Each class generally runs 30 mins. in length.
  • To successfully complete each course, FDRA-U students are required to pass a quiz.
  • Company administrators can observe what employes and factories are taking classes and their performance at the end of each class.