Footwear Materials & Innovation Summit Agenda

‘First Look’ Draft Agenda

Draft Agenda Date: August 1, 2018     *Additions and changes will be made.


Day 1: Material Development, Management and Innovations

8:00 am    Load Up Buses at the Aloft Hotel

8:15 am    Arrive at NC State: Registration, Coffee, Breakfast and Networking

9:00 am    Welcome & Summit Overview

Matt Priest, President and CEO, FDRA

Andy Polk, Senior VP, FDRA

9:10 am    What’s New With Textiles: Understanding and Executing Plastic Layered Textiles, Coated Textiles, Fused Textiles and Polymers

NC State Textile Research Professor (TBD)

Representative from Stahl (Invited)

9:45 am    Knitting Production Advances Impacting Design and Development (Tube and Flat Knit, etc.)

NC State Textile Research Professor (TBD)

Joel Lecroq, General Manager, V. Success (HZ) Knitting Limited (Invited)

10:15 am    Panel and Open Audience Discussion on Executing Textiles

Tom White, Senior Director of Material Innovation, Under Armour

Joanne Stetson, Director of Materials, Ariat

11:00 am    Exhibits, Networking and Coffee Break

11:30 am    Digital Materials: Tools Changing Material Management (Demo, Explanation and Audience Discussion of Scanning to Database     Search to Design Software)

Dr. Marc Ellens, Senior Software Engineer and TAC Specialist, XRITE

Jean-Marc Pedeboy, Vice President, Roman CAD/Strategies

Chris Hillyer, Innovation Director, Deckers Brands, Presenting on behalf of Material Exchange

12:15 pm    Leather Cost Update, Trends and Issues You Should Know

Jeff Dougherty, Director of Materials, Wolverine Worldwide

 12:30 pm   Global Packaging Costs, Insights and Innovations

Representative from Billerudkorsnas (TBD)

12:45 am   Lunch & Exhibits

1:45 pm     A look at PU Leather Innovations Featuring TFL Hydro PU

Dr. Jürgen Christner, Global Head of R & A, TFL Ledertechnik AG

Kai Edling, Global Head of Performacne Coating, TFL Ledertechnik AG

2:30 pm    PU Foam – Exploring the Material Science Behind the Top 5 Types of Underfoot Cushioning

Kelly Nelson, Senior Technologist for Footwear, Rogers Corporation (PORON)

3:00 pm    Exhibits, Networking and Coffee Break

3:30 pm    ETPUs – Compound Innovations Past, Present, and Future

Scott Labbe, Shoe Development Innovator

4:00 pm   What’s Next? A Panel Discussion on New Materials and Material Technologies

NCSU Research Professor (TBD)

Simplicity Works (Invited)

5:00 pm   End Day and Load Up Buses

5:30 pm   Reception at Aloft Hotel (2 hours)


Day 2: Sustainability, Compliance, Quality Control

8:15 am    Load Up Buses at the Aloft

8:30 am   Coffee and Breakfast

9:00 am   A Discussion on Material Trends: Cost, Import, Sales and Duty

Andy Polk, SVP, FDRA

Gary Raines, Economist, FDRA

9:30 am    Announcing FDRA’s New Sustainability Initiative

Matt Priest, President and CEO, FDRA

9:45 am    KEEN on Sustainability – A Look at Trends and Best Practices (30 min presentation and 15 min Q&A and Audience Discussion)

Chris Enlow, Director of Philanthropy and Sustainability, KEEN

10:30 am    Networking and Coffee Break

11:00 am    Quality Control Issues (Markings, Mold, etc.)

Peter Erren, Owner, Erren Recondition

Michael Levinson, Senior Director of Sales, Quality Corrections, and Inspections

11:30 am    Chemicals Compliance 2.0 – Updates on Prop 65, REACH, FDRA’s Chemical Test Report, and TUV SUD New Risk Management Program

Thomas Crockett, Director of Government Relations and Regulatory Affairs, FDRA

Rep for TUV SUD Test Lab (TBD)

12:15 pm    Program Closing and Recap

12:30 pm    Lunch

1:15 pm      Tour of NC State Material and Textile Labs by Professors

3:00 pm      Buses from NC State to Airport

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