Digital Professional Development: Design and Development

Insights and training via videos, podcasts, articles, documents, memos, letters to you skill up and/or stay current on key Design and Development issues.

Digital (3D) FLOW (Footwear industry Learning Optimal Workflow) Online Seminars

Every brand has digital 3D transformation challenges, from those just beginning to those already deep in digital. To help brands get it right and keep getting better, FDRA and The Footwearists will be holding a series of online seminars — Digital (3D) FLOW— focused on helping every footwear brand successfully execute digital (3D) transformations through in-depth case studies, best practices, and specialized training. You can choose from 4, or attend all 4 tracks over the next four months. Each track is composed of six video sessions around a specific focus. Tracks are just $75 each, and $250 for all 4 sessions. LEARN MORE

Digital Footwear Professional Course Bundle

DESIGNERS & DEVELOPERS: Do you want to increase digital skills as you look for new work? The Footwearists are offering a Digital Footwear Professional Course Bundle. Specialize in digital footwear design and modeling by combining Blender, Rhino, and Grasshopper. LEARN MORE

Podcasts on Footwear Design and Development

  • Episode #259 The Missing Link in Shoe Companies Digital Transformation!
  • Episode #257 Starting a Shoe Brand With Susannah Davda!
  • Episode #235 How The Foundry is Helping Brands Digitize One Step At A Time
  • Episode #230 Dan Post Boot Camp: Digital Product Testing Drives Speed, Sell-in, and New Style Success
  • Episode #226 How Brands are Using a “Digital Sample Studio” to Cut Costs & Increase Speed
  • Episode #225 A Chat with Kerhyl Gantt, Digital Brand Director of Jordan Brand at Nike
  • Episode #223 MICAM Americas is on the March
  • Episode #213 Our Footwear Innovation Advisor is Back – Tiffany Beers!
  • Episode #211 Footwear Fitting Technology Transforming Our Industry
  • Episode #198 Talking everything from strategy, design, and diversity with author, designer, and sneaker strategist, Jazerai Allen-Lord!
  • Episode #155 Global Design Innovation and How to Protect It with NIKE
  • Episode #150 Shoe Brands Talk Design and Development Transformations Thanks to Material Exchange

Videos on Footwear Design and Development

  • Kicks Over Coffee Black History Month series: Navigating the Shoe Industry with Entrepreneur Brittney Perry (2/12/2021) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee Black History Month series: Footwear Entrepreneurship 101 with Jazmine Davis (2/5/2021) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: How Brands are Using a “Digital Sample Studio” to Cut Costs & Increase Speed (5/6/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: A Digital Design Tool You Can Use Right Now to Increase Remote Design and Development Efficiencies! (4/6/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: How Brands are Successfully Using Material Exchange to Continue Design and Development Remotely (3/25/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: The Current Footwear Innovation Landscape (2/24/20202) WATCH NOW