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Retail Roundtables

View recording: Retail Roundtable—New Shoe Consumer Trends as we Emerge From COVID
View recording: Footwear Retail Roundtable—2020 Holiday Sales Forecast

Podcasts on Footwear Retail

  • Episode #258: Getting the CEO’s perspective on navigating a footwear business in 2021 with Faryl Morse of Farylrobin Footwear
  • Episode #254: Footwear Industry Deep Dives with Diane Sullivan
  • Episode #253: 2021 Trade Show Updates with Tom Nastos, CCO of Informa Markets
  • Episode #252: Genesco’s Andy Gilbert on 2021 Marketplace Dynamics and Leading Teams Remotely
  • Episode #251: Answering a Higher Calling with Doug Palladini of Vans
  • Episode #250: 2021 Outdoor Outlook with Columbia Sportswear’s Own Peter Bragdon
  • Episode #249: Catching Up With Under Armour’s Colin Browne
  • Episode #248: Economic Trends That Will Impact Shoe Sales in 2021
  • Episode #247: Greatest Time of The Year! – Shoe-In Show Holiday Wrap Up
  • Episode #246: Chatting it up with Tony from Chiappetta Shoes
  • Episode #245: Key Footwear Retail Insights with Rack Room’s Mark Lardie
  • Episode #242: 2020 Holiday Shoe Sales Forecast
  • Episode #240: Pulling back the curtain on successful shoe eComm – from structure and strategy to data and sales!
  • Episode #237: Holiday Shoe Shopper Data & Insights Just In Time for the Now 3 Month Holiday Season!
  • Episode #236: The Power of Packaging
  • Episode #233: The Real Economics of the Shoe Marketplace From Shoe Sales and Shoppers to The Politics of The Needed Federal Stimulus
  • Episode #231 Trans Atlantic Shoe Marketplace Update
  • Episode #225 A Chat with Kerhyl Gantt, Digital Brand Director of Jordan Brand at Nike
  • Episode #224 Demanding Diversity and Inclusion with Darla DeGrace!
  • Episode #223 MICAM Americas is on the March
  • Episode #220 A Look Into The Future of Footwear with Dave Grange
  • Episode #218 Big ideas to improve online shoe shopping experiences and more profitable delivery models
  • Episode #214 Shoe Carnival CEO Talks About Stores Reopening from Staff to Storefront to Customer!
  • Episode #210 Looking at Consumer Behavior Through a Different Lens
  • Episode #207 Inside the mind of a footwear CEO during the Coronavirus – A chat with David Kahan Chief Executive Officer of Birkenstock Americas
  • Episode #205 Coronavirus Impact on Italian Footwear Production & Retail
  • Episode #203 Navigating the Realtime Retail Coronavirus Impact with Foot Locker’s Dick Johnson
  • Episode #113 Keeping Pace with Pacers Running
  • Episode #84 Exploring the Great Outdoors with Columbia Sportswear’s Tim Boyle

Videos on Footwear Retail

  • Kicks Over Coffee: Matt and FDRA’s Chief Economist Gary Raines discuss the latest unemployment numbers (9/4/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: The Future of Footwear Retail Roundtable Discussion on B&M 2.0, E-commerce Evolution, and New Consumer Behaviors (7/9/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: Kerhyl Gantt, Digital Brand Director of Jordan Brand at Nike (4/14/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: Global Coronavirus Insights from Global Hush Puppies President Greg Tunney (3/26/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee Flash Briefing: Real time update on shoe sales numbers and economic stimulus updates (3/25/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: How Brands use Volumental to Find Customers’ Perfect Fit and Build Valuable Retail Databases (3/24/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: Rick Muskat Joins Kicks Over Coffee to Conversate Over Coronavirus (3/20/2020) WATCH NOW
  • Kicks Over Coffee: Andy Gilbert: The State of the Shoe Marketplace Including the Impacts of the Coronavirus (2/26/2020) WATCH NOW

Retail Articles and Resources

  • Visit, the center for economics of the footwear industry from sales data to shoe jobs
  • Latest Footwear Retail Recap newsletter HERE
  • Latest European Footwear Update HERE
  • How Will You Embrace The Great Coronavirus Retail Reset? READ NOW
  • National Retail Federation’s Coronavirus Resources for Retailers provides updates from NRF and government agencies with the latest COVID-19 developments HERE
  • Snowsports Industries America’s COVID-19 industry hub is an online resource for retailers and vendors to become better educated about the evolving coronavirus issue on the industry, and a content source of best practices and learnings to minimize its impact on business
  • The Board Retailers Association’s COVID-19 Retailer Resource Guide includes information on business strategies, loans and more HERE