Digital Professional Development: Sourcing and Compliance

Insights and training via videos, podcasts, articles, documents, memos, letters to you skill up and/or stay current on key Sourcing and Compliance issues.

Sourcing and Compliance Events

  • Global Shoe Sourcing Digital Series, July 27–30, 2020 LEARN MORE

Podcasts on Sourcing

  • Episode #209 Insane Shoe Supply Chains! The Pandemic’s Impact on Air Cargo Shipments
  • Episode #200 Sourcing Challenges and Strategies in the Age of Uncertainty with WWW’s Mike Jeppesen
  • Episode #194 Tech & Supply Chain Insights from Senior Technology Editor, Eric Johnson!
  • Episode #110 Exploring Essential Footwear Material Shows with Hisham Muhareb
  • Episode #39 Import Strategies to Lower Footwear Costs

Kicks Over Coffee webisodes on Sourcing

  • How Shoe Executives Can Build A Real Innovation Strategy and Program to Help Brands Grow WATCH NOW
  • A True Digital Solution to Shoe Design and Development Workflows and Execution WATCH NOW

Sourcing and Compliance Articles and Resources

  • Latest Footwear Sourcing Supply Chain and Compliance Bulletin HERE