2019 FTDC Agenda


(draft last updated 7/23/19)

Sunday, October 27

  • 5:00 pm — Registration (Sponsored by Geodis)
  • 6:00 pm —  Cocktail Reception (Sponsored by RCS Logistics)

Day 1—Monday, October 28

8:00 am — Breakfast and Exhibits (Breakfast Sponsored by Apex Global Logistics)


9:00 am — Welcome Address

9:15 am — Key Note: The Global Supply Chain, Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow

  • Sam Ruda, Director, Port Authority of New York & New Jersey

9:45 am — Key Note: Brimstone or Hellfire? How lowering sulphur will impact the future of sustainable shipping

  • Takashi Masuda, SVP Marketing and Commercial, Ocean Network Express (ONE)

10:15 am — Networking Break (Sponsored by Geodis)


10:45 am — A guided tour with the team at Geodis covering:

  • Origin Customs
  • 24-Hour Rule
  • CSI Process
  • Documentation Process
    • Ocean
    • Air


11:15 pm — Booking Your Goods with an Air Carrier

  • Mike Piza, Senior Vice President, Corporate Business Development & Customs Brokerage, Apex Logistics International
  • Evan Rosen, President, Americas Region, EFL
  • Dean Tracey, Executive Vice President & COO, RCS Logistics
  • Moderated by Jeffrey Solomon, Director of Operations, SG Companies

11:45 pm – Getting Your Entries Through Customs & Other Tools to Consider

12:15 pm – Lunch (Sponsored by Port of Long Beach, Wolverine Worldwide)


1:30 pm – Gotta Have My Shoes—how to get your goods through port ASAP

2:00 pm – Critical Port Enhancement Review (10-minute quick hits)

  • Ken Uriu, Business Development Manager, Port of Long Beach
  • Chris Chase, Marketing Manager, Port of Los Angeles
  • Sue Coffey, Director of Business Development, The NW Seaport Alliance

2:30 pm – Optimized to Ship—ways to get your packaging right-sized

  • Ryan Gaither, International Sales Executive, BillerudKorsnäs

3:00 pm — Networking Break (Sponsored by Integration Point)

3:30 pm — Delivery Process in Detail with Performance Team

  • DC
  • Transloader
  • Rail
  • Final Mile
  • Small Package
    • Pre-Label
    • Zone skipping

4:00 pm — Convergence or divergence: how to wrestle with buying global trade and logistics software in a hyperspeed market

  • Eric Johnson, Senior Editor, Technology, Journal of Commerce

4:30 pm — Closing Out Strong—Hot Topics with Jeff Solomon & Friends

5:00 pm — Adjournment & Raffles

5:30 pm — Cocktail Reception (Sponsored by EFL)

Day 2—Tuesday, October 29


8:30 am — Breakfast and Exhibits (Breakfast Sponsored by Indigo Trade)

9:30 am — Trade War & the Impact on Footwear

  • Matt Priest, President & CEO, Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA)

10:00 am — Footwear Family Trade Therapy Session—an industry sounds off

  • Speakers TBD

10:30 am — Intellectual Property & Third-Party Platforms Pontification

  • Thomas Crockett, Director of Government & Regulatory Affairs, Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA)

11:00 am — Networking Break (Sponsored by Micropak)

11:30 am — The Science of Footwear Sustainability

  • Andy Polk, Senior Vice President, Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA)
  • Erin Augustine, Director, Responsible Sourcing, Wolverine Worldwide

12:10 pm — Product Safety Updates You Absolutely Need Right Now

12:30 pm – Lunch (Sponsored by the Port of LA, The NW Seaport Alliance, Superdryers)


1:45 pm – Critical Updates with Customs & Border Protection (CBP)

  • U.S. Customs Officials TBD

2:15 pm — Notes from the National Import Specialist

  • Stacey Kalkines, National Import Specialist, Footwear, Customs & Border Protection (CBP)

2:30 pm — Interactive Sample Review

  • John Pellegrini, Customs Counsel, Footwear Distributors & Retailers of America (FDRA)
  • Stacey Kalkines, National Import Specialist, Footwear, Customs & Border Protection (CBP)
  • Aliya Grosfeld, Laboratory Directory, Tariff Solutions, LLC

3:30 pm — Networking Break Sponsored by Stoel Rives

4:00 pm — The John Pellegrini Footwear Customs Concepts Hour

5:00 pm — Adjournment & Raffles

5:30 pm — Casual Cocktails at the Bar (Sponsored by BillerudKorsnäs)

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