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Government Relations Working Group Background



FDRA has various working groups focused on specific issues and segments like footwear product safety, innovation, factory compliance, and sourcing. This working group is focused on government relations issues including footwear duties, regulations, legislation and trade issues.

This working group will be THE conduit for footwear industry collaboration on how the industry tells its story and advocates for positive policies for the industry in Washington, DC and to governments around the globe.



To be the footwear industry’s cooperative platform to speak and advocate on behalf of the industry on any government agency, program or law impacting the industry.



To drive thought leadership and enact policy actions to help lower footwear trade barriers and costs, increase the speed and efficiency of global footwear supply chains from factory to consumer.

Specifically, this group will:

  • Guide FDRA as it develops legislative proposals aimed at lowering U.S. duties on footwear and simplifying the footwear tariff code.
  • Inform FDRA on challenges related to footwear importing and customs so that FDRA can engage with U.S. and foreign officials on how to address these challenges.
  • Discuss regulations impacting the industry and how to help educate members on how to adapt but also push for changes if needed
  • Be a discussion platform for the industry so it can speak and advocate as a more solid voice on footwear issues.

The group accomplishes its mission through:

  • Quarterly conference calls
  • Meetings, workshops, and lobby days
  • Full Engagement and advocacy in Washington, DC
  • Giving input to FDRA on challenges and helping develop innovative solutions
  • Engagement with Embassies and foreign governments who may impact footwear trade