8 Questions With Sneaker Con Co-Founder Yu-Ming Wu

8 Questions With Sneaker Con Co-Founder Yu-Ming Wu

New York City’s anticipated sneaker-centered event is almost here.

Sneaker Con NYC — the event co-founded by Yu-Ming Wu — is scheduled to take place Nov. 5 and 6, taking over the Javits Center North. With the event quickly approaching, the renowned sneakerhead and event organizer spoke with Footwear News about the city’s first-ever two-day event, what brands sneaker fans can expect to see a lot of, and what shoes he wants to add to his personal collection.

Why did you decide to make this the first two-day event in NYC? Was there a need for more time?

YMW: People have been waiting for this New York City show for almost a year and a half, and we wanted to make sure everyone gets a chance [to come]. A lot of times people will tell us, “I missed the shoe; it was on a Saturday and I was working” — we get a lot of those emails, a lot of those tweets. We decided let’s do a two-day show, let’s start kicking off bigger festival-like shows where we’ll have some activities. We just couldn’t fit all the stuff we wanted to do in one day. We wanted everyone to come on Saturday and have one experience, and come on Sunday and have another experience

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