Finish Line’s Sports Illustrated Awards Scholarships

Finish Line’s Sports Illustrated Awards Scholarships

The Finish Line, Inc. and Time Inc.’s Sports Illustrated Group announced this year’s Campus Rush Scholarships, sponsored by Finish Line. The three winners, who will each receive $5,000, are students Jori Epstein of The University of Texas at Austin, Griffin Adams of the University of Utah and Kelsey Jones of Washington State University.

“As an influential voice on campus, these student journalists captured the pulse of local fans with quality, behind the scenes content from across the country,” said Scott Hamlin, director of marketing at Finish Line. “Their backgrounds are as diverse as the schools they represent and we are pleased to have the unique opportunity to celebrate the wins and support life’s biggest possibilities for these three Campus Correspondents through the scholarship program.”

The award is given to three outstanding student journalists from the growing Campus Rush network – known as Campus Correspondents – of more than 60 schools across the country. Sports Illustrated launched Campus Rush last August to cover the passion, culture and lifestyle of college sports. Finish Line has been a sponsor of Campus Rush since the site’s inception and has proudly supported the Campus Correspondent program. Applicants were ranked based on performance as a Campus Correspondent, academic and professional achievement as well as contributions to the community.

“These individuals, along with other correspondents from schools across the country, have done a terrific job infusing the local flavor of their schools into content for Campus Rush, far exceeding all expectations,” said B.J. Schecter, executive editor at Sports Illustrated and editor of Campus Rush. “In our first year with the program, Finish Line has been an outstanding partner and we’re thrilled to have the opportunity to highlight the all-star achievements of these future stars in the business.”

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