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Product Safety Working Group Background


FDRA has various working groups focused on specific issues and segments like footwear customs, innovation, factory compliance, and sourcing. This working group is focused on the global legal and regulatory environment related to chemical and physical testing of footwear.

This working group will be THE conduit for footwear industry collaboration and information sharing on product safety challenges, legal requirements, and chemical compliance.

Examples of companies active with this working group include NIKE, Wolverine Worldwide, Payless, Rack Room, Deer Stags, Steve Madden/Topline, etc.


To be the footwear industry’s cooperative platform for footwear chemical and physical safety issues, and to be the driving force behind increasing reasonable industry compliance on safety for footwear consumers.


To drive thought leadership and action on footwear product safety through sharing ideas and best practices, and working together to increase industry-wide compliance, reduce risk, and address common challenges together.

Specifically, this group will:

  • Guide FDRA as it launches a Global Footwear Testing Portal (
  • Inform FDRA on challenges related to testing products, testing labs, and managing risks so FDRA can develop webinars, workshops, and networking events the industry needs to facilitate the exchange of ideas and best practices.
  • Inform FDRA on product safety challenges related to the regulatory environment so that FDRA can educate U.S. officials and advocate on our members’ behalf.
  • Be the broad platform that helps address lab issues – informing lab partners what the industry needs (for example, better data to manage risk).
  • Be a discussion platform for the industry.

The group accomplishes its mission through:

  • Quarterly conference calls
  • Meetings, workshops, webinars around the world
  • Developing partnerships with testing labs
  • Engagement and advocacy in Washington, DC
  • Advising on updates to FDRA testing programs for the industry