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Retail Working Group Background



FDRA has various working groups focused on specific issues and segments like footwear product safety, innovation, factory compliance, and sourcing. This working group is focused on retail issues including sales, trends, HR issues, data collection support, cyber security, employment, and government regulations and taxes impacting retailers nationwide.

This working group will be THE conduit for footwear industry collaboration on how the industry understands the marketplace and develops solutions to common challenges that are not related to marketplace competition among retailers.



To be the footwear industry’s cooperative platform where retailers across the sales spectrum can meet to discuss issues and challenges, get best practices and insights and develop common solutions to better connect and sell to consumers worldwide.



To drive thought leadership on issues impacting the footwear marketplace, and develop solutions to retail challenges as needed.

Specifically, this group will:

  • Guide FDRA as it continues to grow its retail products and services – including sales and data, trend analysis, and national surveys
  • Inform FDRA and fellow retailers on challenges related to the retail environment including: minimum wages and employment issues, cyber security, IP and fraud, and consumer and business trends
  • Discuss regulations impacting footwear retailers and how FDRA can work to make positive changes
  • Be a discussion platform for the industry for retailers to network and discuss best practices

The group accomplishes its mission through:

  • Quarterly conference calls
  • Meetings
  • Giving input to FDRA on challenges and helping develop innovative solutions