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  • Border Adjustment Tax

    Next Footwear Industry-Wide Call: July 14, 2017 Congressional leaders are championing a controversial new proposal that would significantly impact footwear companies. The Border Adjustment Tax (BAT) proposal would raise the effective tax rate for importers while also giving exporters a tax exemption. The House tax-writing committee plans … Continue reading

  • Footwear Customs

    Footwear tariffs are the largest inhibitor of innovation and profit for the footwear industry.  These regressive and prohibitive duties were established in the 1930s and average over 10% compared to just 1.3% for all consumer goods.  Footwear tariffs can reach as high … Continue reading

  • Footwear Retail

    U.S. Footwear Retail Snapshot $75 Billion in Yearly US Retail Sales 210,000 Workers in Shoes Stores Nationwide 2% Growth YTD in Shoe Stores, 10+% Growth YTD Online FDRA represents and serves over 80% of all footwear distributors and retailers in … Continue reading

  • Product Safety

    The continued safety of footwear is a top issue for FDRA and the entire footwear industry. FDRA is the industry’s leading association on product safety action and intelligence.  It helps its members understand and adapt to the changing landscape of … Continue reading

  • Sourcing & Compliance

    Footwear sourcing has become increasingly complex, as footwear manufacturing is shifting around the globe.  Social compliance and factory performance issues also continue to be a priority for the footwear industry.  As a result, FDRA has developed robust sourcing and compliance … Continue reading

  • Tariff Reduction Initiatives

    FDRA has been advocating on behalf of the footwear industry for over 70 years.  Headquartered between the White House and the Capitol in Washington, DC, FDRA is THE voice of the footwear industry and constantly pushes for both the full … Continue reading