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View news clips with FDRA CEO Matt Priest on the potential impact of tariffs on footwear makers, retailers, and consumers. Listen as Matt Priest tells NPR’s Scott Simon about the footwear industry’s reaction to the trade war with China.


Representing over 90% of the entire footwear industry, FDRA is the industry’s business and trade association, providing innovative products, training and consulting. Its members include the majority of U.S. footwear manufacturers, brands, retailers and importers to global footwear companies. What FDRA does is simple: It advocates for lower costs for consumers, allowing its members to sell more shoes and create jobs.

An online platform helping brands and suppliers cut development costs and increase speed-to-market.

News hub for footwear innovation related to design, development, materials, production and retail.

Everything you need to know about importing footwear from duty rates to rules and regulations.

A site to educate, empower and activate the footwear industry in all things shoe sustainability

A video channel featuring casual caffeinated chats between FDRA and industry experts on footwear hot topics.

Find domestic manufacturing stats, view reports and hear domestic producers stories.

Search footwear chemical and physical testing requirements by country.

Opportunities, education, and awareness for African Americans in the Footwear Industry and Community.

Access footwear sourcing data, material costs, compliance training and trends.

The footwear industry’s weekly podcast featuring executives and experts on current business trends.

See the industry’s stats and footprint across America.


A closer look at footwear consumption and production throughout the United States


Total U.S. Footwear Employment


Average Pairs Imported Per Person in 2019


Total Pairs Made in America in 2019


Total U.S. Personal Spending on Footwear (in $Billions) in 2019