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Sourcing & Compliance

2 billion pairs of shoes were imported into the U.S. in 2023

99% of all shoes sold in the U.S. are imported, with 2 billion pairs of shoes imported in 2023. That amounts to an average 5.9 pairs of imports per person across the country. In volume terms, China accounts for 60.2% of all imports followed by Vietnam at 23.2% and Indonesia at 6.5%. The remaining 10.1% is split among many different nations. About 25 million pairs of shoes are produced annually in the U.S.

Footwear sourcing has become increasingly complex, as footwear manufacturing is shifting around the globe. Social compliance and factory performance issues also continue to be a priority for the footwear industry. As a result, FDRA has developed robust sourcing and compliance programs aimed at helping footwear sourcing and compliance executives and managers understand shifts and trends, and how best to address challenges.

Below you will find information on FDRA’s sourcing and compliance initiatives and programs, including FDRA’s factory program, its Footwear Production Code of Conduct, sourcing resources, and insights via FDRA’s Shoe-in Show podcast.  If you have questions about footwear sourcing and/or social compliance, or need assistance, please contact us.

Footwear Production Portal

Footwear sourcing and compliance professionals seeking in-depth data, training, trends and insights can go to our dedicated portal This website houses our online compliance training, our monthly data reports, as well as interviews and podcast episodes to keep you up-to-date.

For FDRA, enhanced factory conditions are a priority

The vision of FDRA and its members is to have safe and dignified working conditions for all workers throughout the global footwear supply chain.  Its mission is to drive positive change in footwear factories worldwide through the development and execution of shared standards driving continuous improvement in working conditions, health and safety, and environmental stewardship.

FDRA’s Code of Conduct

FDRA analyzed over 25 company codes of conduct and created an industry-wide standard for footwear factory compliance. You can find FDRA’s code below as well as the companies who have adopted the code and pushed it out to their global factories as the industry’s standard.

Recognized Responsible Footwear Manufacturers

Factories that meet and exceed FDRA Footwear Production Code of Conduct are nominated for consideration as a designated “Responsible Footwear Factory Manufacturer”.  Those chosen will be listed below and are awarded FDRA’s special recognition.  FDRA members should note these factories are top of their class and will enjoy this recognition for two years.

Sourcing and Compliance Resources

If you are a non-member, you can contact FDRA and purchase the sourcing assessment.

Sourcing Insights From Execs

FDRA can support your sourcing operations

Sourcing and Trade Events
FDRA hosts a Global Sourcing Strategy Summit in New York each year that goes in-depth on compliance, sourcing challenges and solutions, and features industry executives and experts presenting and discussing best practices. Our twice-yearly Footwear Tariff & Customs Digital Conference covers key customs issues such as tariff policy, footwear classification, the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), updates from U.S. Customs & Border Protection (CBP), live sample review, and other key customs issues. Learn more.

Sourcing and Social Compliance Intelligence
FDRA produces email updates and alerts on trends, new issues, or challenges, and provides in-depth documents and memos explaining and analyzing trade, sourcing, and social compliance issues. An example is these services includes the interactive wage map we produce. FDRA members receive a monthly Sourcing and Supply Chain Update featuring import data, commodities analysis, and interviews with the industry’s leading service providers and sourcing executives. FDRA produces a robust annual factory survey and sourcing report for members that goes in-depth by country, exploring emerging trends and forecasts, as well as key trade and politics alerts vital to understanding free trade agreements and issues surrounding taxes and tariffs on shoes.

Contact FDRA to learn how we can support your sourcing and compliance teams.