What We Do

FDRA boosts the bottom lines of its members through innovative products, training, consulting, and advocacy on all things footwear

FDRA brings clarity and insights to enhance decision making, efficiency, and productivity for footwear professionals.  We develop essential products and find innovative solutions to boost the bottom lines of our members across the industry from footwear design to retail.  We fight in support of footwear jobs and shoe consumers in Washington, DC and around the globe – the only footwear association working to eliminate ALL footwear duties.  Find our key areas of focus and topics below.  If you are considering membership, please click here to get more in-depth information and examples of how we drive value to our members everyday.

How FDRA Accomplishes its Mission

  • Intelligence

    • FDRA is the footwear industry’s business intelligence hub providing data, analysis and insights on a range of key issues impacting the entire footwear industry from design and sourcing to retail and fashion.
    • Examples:
    • Design/IP Digest
    • Customs Report
    • Consumer Surveys

FDRA Focuses on These Key Footwear Issues

Retail Data and Consumer Trends

Customs Rulings and Import Laws

Design and Development

IP and Brand Protection

Sourcing and Factory Compliance

Supply Chain Innovation

Product Safety Compliance

Free Trade and Tariff Elimination