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Shoe Sustainability Series 2021 Sponsor | Ecotan

Italy-based Silvateam has changed the game in the leather industry by engineering the new Bio-circular Ecotan system which provides a unique, ground-breaking natural tanning technology. Hides are tanned using plant-based chestnut, gallnut, and quebracho tannins which have been processed sustainably in combination with harmless man-made additives, safe for us and the planet.

This way, Ecotan leathers can match the performance bar of chrome and glutaraldehyde tanning, while safeguarding and protecting the environment. At the end of the life cycle, Ecotan leathers can be recycled into a fertilizer for organic farming, thereby providing a fully circular system.

At Silvateam, we make sure that our Ecotan leathers stay green throughout their entire life cycle, an added value that helps fashion and design brands build their green credentials in the marketplace.

For more information, contact Jim Chi