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Shoe Sustainability Series 2021 Sponsor | Huntsman

Huntsman recognizes the important role we play in creating a more sustainable future. We enrich lives through innovation and deliver solutions that create value for our stakeholders today and make a brighter world possible for future generations. Our products enable a low-carbon economy and make a positive contribution to society and the environment.

Polyurethanes have been used in the manufacture of footwear for decades. First introduced in the late 1960s, urethane-based materials have grown in popularity ever since – helping shoe designers and manufacturers worldwide make lighter, more comfortable shoes and achieve new levels of production efficiency. Johan Van Dyck from Huntsman looks at the pivotal role polyurethanes now play in future footwear production. He explores how polyurethanes can help the footwear industry achieve new levels of automation. Johan also looks at urethane-based products through the lens of sustainability, evaluating the environmental credentials of both PU and TPU polyurethane materials, and where these technologies can take the footwear industry as it makes shoes for consumers that are more conscientious about their own environmental footprint than ever before.

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