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Shoe Sourcing & Supply Chain Summit 2022 Sponsor | Bureau Veritas


Bureau Veritas is a recognized leader in consumer products testing, inspection and audits, with labs, offices and specialists in every selling and sourcing region.  We support retailers, brands, manufacturers and importers in the challenging footwear industry to improve speed to market and reduce the total cost of achieving high quality, while also complying with safety and performance – and, in some instances, conformance (wireless) criteria. With 15 dedicated footwear labs located in the major sourcing regions around the world, our quality assurance and compliance solutions are vital in helping our customers enhance product quality and concept-to-consumer journeys. Bureau Veritas provides a wide range of innovative solutions for companies looking to protect their brand, manage risk and save cost. Contact us to learn more about our footwear testing services or to inquire about any  of our other services. Website: