USPTO May – July


Utility patents issued in the months of May – July:


Pat. No.             Title                                                                           Assignee

9,662,242         Shoe w/ Custom Molded Foot Plate and Method                                                          None

9,661,899         Apparatus, Method- Applying Impregnating Agent                      Imbox Shoecare A/S

9,661,898         Sole Structure with Visual Effects                                                                           NIKE, Inc.

9,661,897         Cowboy Boots w/ Interchangeable Inlay                                 Dusty Rocker Boots, LLC

9,661,896         Shoe with Elastically Flexible Extension                                                              Ampla LLC

9,661,895         Nozzle Shoe                                                                                                                             None

9,661,894         Systems, Methods- Storing & Analyzing Golf Data                                             NIKE, Inc.

9,661,893         Article w/ Internal and External Midsole Structure                                            NIKE, Inc.

9,661,892         Article w/ Upper with a Shifted Knit Structure                                                    NIKE, Inc.

9,657,420         Sheared Wool Weaving Method                                     Deckers Outdoor Corporation

9,656,475         Additive Color Printing                                                                                              NIKE, Inc.

9,656,153         Skate Boot with Monocoque Body                                                            VH Footwear Inc.

9,655,763         Mobilizing Musculoskeletal Structures                                                                             None

9,655,408         Charm Attachment for a Shoe Heel                                                                                   None

9,655,407         Multilayered Textile Material in Shoes                                                                   adidas AG

9,655,406         Article  Having an Adjustable Heel System                   NIKE, Inc.

9,655,405         Insoles- Tracking, Data Transfer Systems, Methods     None

9,655,404         Contoured Insoles for Footwear                                    Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.

9,655,403         Outsole w/ Stepped Projections for Article                    NIKE, Inc.

9,655,402         Electronically Controlled Bladder Assembly                 NIKE, Inc.

9,655,401         Polymer Shoe                                                                Arthur Joseph for Surell, LLC.

9,655,400         Adjustable Forefoot Posting for Orthotic                      None

9,652,101         Two-Dimensional Sensor Arrays                                  BeBop Sensors, Inc.

9,649,532         Golf Club Including an Electronic Module                    NIKE, Inc.

9,648,926         Footwear Recommendations from Foot Scan Data        None

9,648,925         Footwear Devices                                                          None

9,648,924         Articulated Sole w/ Sipes Forming Hexagonal Sole      NIKE, Inc.

9,648,923         Mold, Method- Heterogeneous Composite Sole            Dah Lih Puh Co., Ltd.

9,648,922         Skate and Method of Manufacture                                 Sport Maska Inc.

9,648,921         Reconfigurable Shoe                                                      None

9,647,577         Power Collector Structure and Method                          Murata Electronics OY

9,647,521         Power Generating Device & an Object for Utilizing      None

9,646,510         Ice-Skate Instructional Kit                                             None

9,645,165         Sports Electronic Training System with Sport Ball        adidas International Marketing B.V.

9,644,093         Thermoplastic Polymer Composition, Shoes, Soles      Kuraray Co., Ltd.

9,643,091         Personal Items Network, and Associated Methods       Apple Inc.

9,643,075         Power-Automated Traction for Skis                              None

9,642,419         Shoelace Securing Apparatus                                        None

9,642,418         Shoe Lace Fastener and System                                     None

9,642,417         Lace-Tying System                                                        NIKE, Inc.

9,642,416         Polyurethane Injected Boot Assembly & Method          LaCrosse Footwear

9,642,415         Systems, Methods- Monitoring Athletic Performance   New Balance Athletics, Inc.

9,642,414         Footwear                                                                        The Diabetic Boot Company Limited

9,642,413         Article of Footwear w/ a Knitted Component                NIKE, Inc.

9,642,411         Surgically Implantable Device Enclosed in Bladders     None

9,642,398         Wearable Connector for an Electronic Textile                TE Connectivity Corporation

9,637,847         Shoe Upper and Method for Knitting Shoe Upper        Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd.

9,635,908         Automated Trimming of Pliable Items                           NIKE, Inc.

9,635,907         System & Method- Printing Customized Graphics        Pics on Kicks, LLC

9,635,906         Shoelace Winding Device                                              Japana Co., Ltd.

9,635,905         Upper w/ Bonded Differentially-Oriented Strips           NIKE, Inc.

9,635,904         Insoles for Footwear                                                      Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.

9,635,903         Sole Structure having Auxetic Structures and Sipes      NIKE, Inc.

9,635,902         Safety Footwear                                                             TBL Licensing LLC

9,635,901         Footwear w/Interchangeable Sole Structure Elements   NIKE, Inc.

9,635,900         Shoe Glove                                                                    None

9,635,899         Sandal Strap Arrangement and Tensioning System       None

9,635,897         Cushion Items with Flexible Contouring                       Backjoy Orthotics, LLC

9,691,176          Method, System Forming Virtual Model of Human      Techmed 3D Inc.

9,688,876          Substrates & Articles Coated w/ Waterborne 2K           PPG Industries Ohio, Inc.

9,687,047          Suicide Prevention Laces                                               U-LACE, LLC

9,687,046          Reversable Strap for an Article of Footwear                  Wolverine Outdoors, Inc.

9,687,045          Article of Footwear w/ Upper w/ Inflation System        Reebok International Limited

9,687,044          Footwear w/ Sole Structure w/ Fluid-Filled Chamber    NIKE, Inc.

9,687,043          Shoe Sole Simulating a Hoof                                         Kenney Sport, LLC

9,687,042          Article of Footwear with a Midsole Structure                NIKE, Inc.

9,687,041          Composite Shoe Sole, Footwear, and Method               W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH

9,687,040          Footwear w/ Air Permeable Layer, Portion                    W. L. Gore & Associates GmbH; et al.

9,687,039          Graphical Element Laminate for Forming Skate Boot    Sport Maska Inc.

9,686,745          System/Method for Wirelessly Up/Downloading Info  Under Armour, Inc.

9,682,522          Low Density Foamed Article Made by Bead Foam       NIKE, Inc.

9,682,512          Methods of Joining Textiles & Other Elements             NIKE, Inc.

9,682,003          Achilles Stretching Devices and Methods Performed    None

9,681,709          Two-Dimensional Shoe Manufacturing                         adidas AG

9,681,708          Article of footwear having Upper w/ a Matrix Layer     NIKE, Inc.

9,681,707          Method for Securing Studded Shoes Using Inertia        None

9,681,706          Footwear Incorp. Angled Tensile Strand Elements        NIKE, Inc.

9,681,705          Failure Compensating Lace Tension Device, Method    Boa Technology Inc.

9,681,704          Footwear Incorporating a Knitted Component               NIKE, Inc.

9,681,703          Footwear with Flexible Auxetic Sole Structure              NIKE, Inc.

9,681,702          Footwear with Elongated Cleats                                     NIKE, Inc.

9,681,701          Outsoles having Grooves Forming Discrete Lugs         NIKE, Inc.

9,681,700          Footwear w/ Bladder & Method of Manufacturing        NIKE, Inc.

9,681,699          Footwear-Based Gymnastics Train System, Method     None

9,681,696          Helmet and/or Helmet Liner w/ Electronic Control        None

9,679,052          Electronic Device, Signal Processing Playback              Sony Corporation; et al.

9,677,928          Method, Device and System for Fitness Tracking         None

9,675,844          Diving Fin Apparatus, Systems and Methods of Use    None

9,675,490          Ankle Supports                                                              POD GLOBAL IP PTY LTD

9,675,140          System for Shoe Sole Portion Painting                          NIKE, Inc.

9,675,139          Device & Methodology for Adjusting Cycling Cleats   None

9,675,138          Sports Footwear                                                             Alpinestars Research SRL

9,675,137          Elastic Coreless Rope Belt                                             None

9,675,136          Customizable Footwear                                                  Amazing Love, LLC

9,675,135          Reconfigurable Apparel Manufacture & Processes        Code Footwear, LLC

9,675,134          Footwear, and Knitting Method for Knit Fabric            SHIMA SEIKI MFG., LTD.

9,675,133          Reinforcing Shank Arrangement for Sole Structure       NIKE, Inc.

9,675,132          Shoe with Collapsible Heel                                            NIKE, Inc.

9,675,131          Metatarsal Guards for Footwear                                    Wolverine Outdoors, Inc.

9,675,130          Shoe and Method for Manufacturing Thereof                ASICS Corporation

D788,445          Decorative Wrap                                                            None

9,673,864          Wireless Hierarchical Heterogeneous Pico-Net              IPCOMM

9,668,546          Shoe Sole Portion Painting System                                NIKE, Inc.

9,668,545          Conditionally Visible Bite Lines for Footwear               NIKE, Inc.

9,668,544          Last System for Articles with Braided Components      NIKE, Inc.

9,668,543          Footwear Component for an Article of Footwear          NIKE, Inc.

9,668,542          Sole Structure Including Sipes                                       NIKE, Inc.

9,668,541          Footwear, Sole and Pump Arrangement, and Method   Cedar Technologies International Ltd.

9,668,540          Footwear having a Flex-Spring Sole                              Chinook Asia LLC

9,668,539          Footwear with Sole Protection                                       None

9,668,538          System and Method for Coloring Articles                     NIKE, Inc.

9,668,537          Orthotic Insole for Footwear w/ Attachable Insert         Ideal Living Ventures Limited

9,668,536          Shoe                                                                               adidas AG

9,668,535          Skate Boot with Monocoque Body                                VH Footwear Inc.

9,668,534          Footwear                                                                        SALOMON S.A.S.

9,668,533          Footwear having Upper Incorp. Knitted Component     NIKE, Inc.

9,668,530          Resilient Prominence Fabric & Articles                          None

9,716,419          Foot-Powered Energy Generator                                    Sole Power

9,714,652          Article of Footwear and Pump Unit                                Reebok International Limited

9,714,076          Rowing Shoe Retaining System                                     G Clip Corporation

9,713,364          Foot Habiliment w/ Easily Interchangeable Outer           None

9,713,363          Upper w/ Forefoot Tensile Strand Elements                   NIKE, Inc.

9,713,362          Footwear w/ Upper w/ Member w/ Support Arm          NIKE, Inc.

9,713,361          Bottom-Down Last for 3D Forming                               NIKE, Inc.

9,713,360          Remov. Exercise Attachment Device for Footwear        None

9,713,359          Shoe Body with Arch Suspended Support                     Yu Hsieh Industrial Co.

9,713,358          Footwear with Two Tongues                                          NIKE, Inc.

9,713,357          Asymmetric Shoes                                                          Taylor Made Golf Company

9,713,356          Golf Shoe Outsoles                                                        Taylor Made Golf Company

D792,076          Removable Stick on Golf Cleats for Footwear               None

9,711,026          Footwear Arrangement w/ Battery & Anti-Theft            None

9,709,971          Footwear Elements Controlled by Cloud System           None

9,707,727          Adhesive Particulate on Nonmetallic Substrates             NIKE, Inc.

9,707,119          Foot Support Article                                                       Under Armour, Inc.

9,706,815          Paint Fixture for Shoe Portions                                      NIKE, Inc.

9,706,814          Closure Devices Including Release Mechanisms            Boa Technology Inc.

9,706,813          Shoe with Lacing Storage Pocket                                   NIKE, Inc.

9,706,812          Footwear Lacing System and Related Methods              Saucony, Inc.

9,706,811          Footwear Incorporating Floating Tensile Strands           NIKE, Inc.

9,706,810          Spacer Textile Material with Channels                            NIKE, Inc.

9,706,809          Flex Groove Sole Assembly w/ Biasing Structure         NIKE, Inc.

9,706,803          Wearable Light Unit w/ Multiple LEDs, Material           None

9,701,025          Pick-Up Tool with Integrated Light Source                    NIKE, Inc.

9,700,107          Fastening Structure                                                         None

9,700,104          Method – Measuring Inside Dimensions of Shoes         None

9,700,103          Cleated Footwear with Flexible Cleats                            NIKE, Inc.

9,700,102          Clasp and System                                                           Tech Spark Innovations

9,700,101          Guides & Components for Closure Systems                  Boa Technology Inc.

9,700,100          Strand-Wound Bladder                                                   NIKE, Inc.

9,700,099          Footwear Article                                                             None

9,700,098          Footwear with Power Kick Plate                                    NIKE, Inc.

9,700,097          Clasp and System                                                           Tech Spark Innovations

9,696,228          Sensor & Method – Measuring Forces on Object           Great Lakes Neurotechnologies

9,695,548          Methods Employing Raised Transfers                            Very Dennison Retail Info Services

9,694,241          Action Detection and Activity Classification                  NIKE, Inc.

9,693,927          Device & Methods of Treating Neuro. Disorders           APOS–Medical & Sports Tech

9,693,605          Footwear w/ Motorized Adjustment System                  NIKE, Inc.

9,693,604          Footwear with Inner and Outer Midsole Layers             NIKE, Inc.

9,693,603          Inserts w/ Progressive Corrections & Internal Sipe   None

9,693,602          High Heel Foot Wear Pad & Methods                      Orthosole Limited, A Guernsey Ltd.

9,693,601          Footwear with Zoned Insulation                                Cabela’s Incorporated

9,693,600          Goalie Skate Boot Body w/Blade Mount. Channel   VH Footwear Inc.

9,693,599          Motorcycle Boot                                                        Fox Head, Inc.

9,693,598          Shoe System with Interchangeable Uppers               None

9,693,597          Shoe with Sound and Light Device                           Terry Electronics (S.Z) Co.


Patent applications published in the months of May – July:


Pub. App. No.   Title                                                                           Applicant

20170148346   Activity Recognition with Activity Reminders              NIKE, Inc.

20170148344   Anatomical Landmark Instruction Apparel, Methods    Rachel Abramowitz

20170146561   Wearable Electronic Device Communication                 Lenovo (Beijing) Limited

20170145604   Knitted Component & Method of Manufacturing          NIKE, Inc.

20170145596   Systems & Articles of Manufacture – Cooling               Tosha Hays; et al.

20170144407   Pad Comprising an Extruded Mesh & Method              Albany International Corp.

20170144366   Method for Waterproofing Blanks of Shoes, Etc.          GEOX S.P.A.

20170144051   Wearable Data Hub                                                        Under Armour, Inc.

20170143080   Shoe Insert                                                                     Anne Tremain; et al.

20170143079   Strap Systems for Footwear and Other Devices            NIKE, Inc.

20170143078   Strap Systems for Footwear and Other Devices            NIKE, Inc.

20170143077   Shoe Securing Straps                                                     ShiftAlt Design, LLC

20170143076   Upper for Article w/ at Least One Strand for Lasting    NIKE, Inc.

20170143075   Upper of Shoe                                                               Mai Nonogawa; et al.

20170143074   High-Heel Shank & High-Heeled Shoes Using Same   Thesis Couture, Inc.

20170143073   Shoe Sole w/ Ventilation, & Shoe w/ Such a Sole         Airfreak AG

20170143072   Sports Shoe with Studs                                                 Jean Luc Guer

20170143071   Foot Strapping System for Sandal                                 Shou Cheng Huang; et al.

20170143059   Adhesive Fabrication Process for Garments & Fabric   Cohesive Systems LLC

20170142958   Single Use Scent Masking System- Hunting Environ.  Michael Lee McDaniel; et al.

20170136689   Articles and Methods of Manufacture of Articles          NIKE, Inc.

20170136341   Automatic Heel Unit with Heel Support Structure         Fritschi AG – Swiss Bindings

20170135838   Adjustable Walking Apparatus                                      Ortho Systems d/b/a Ovation Medical

20170135607   Method & System for Analyzing Gait, Feedback          Univ. of Utah Research Foundation

20170135606   System, Device, Method for Measuring Net Load        Univ. of Utah Research Foundation

20170135444   Automated Footwear Tightening System                       Martin Gerardo Vincent

20170135443   Insole for Footwear                                                       SoxsolS, LLC

20170135442   Shoe Outsoles & Systems & Methods of Manuf.         The Topline Corporation

20170135441   Multi-Component Sole Structure w/ Auxetic Config.    NIKE, Inc.

20170135440   Footwear Soles with Auxetic Structures                        NIKE, Inc.

20170135439   Extruded Components for Articles and Methods           Reebok International Limited

20170135438   Kicking Shoe Attachment- Propelling Kick Scooters    Boris Khurgin

20170135437   Shoe, in Particular a Sports Shoe                                   PUMA SE

20170135436   Footwear                                                                        29 PS PTY LTD.

20170135435   Shoe Upper, and Method for Knitting Shoe Upper       Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd.

20170135417   Air Pocket Sensor                                                          Flex Ltd.

20170135415   Bladders, Compartments, Chambers or Sipes                Frampton E. Ellis

20170135178   Multi-Color Modular Lighting System, Module            Alan Sutton; et al.

20170133051   Systems and Methods for Information Capture             Senworth, Inc.

20170130374   Method for Forming Textile Article                               Wholeknit International Co., Ltd.

20170130020   Preparation, Application of Non-Wicking Pu Foam      Crecimiento Industrial Co., LTD.

20170129200   Articles of Wear & Processes for Making the Same      NIKE, Inc.

20170127763   Lace Ratchet Fastening Device                                      Jezekiel Ben-Arie

20170127762   Shoe Insert                                                                     Laura Birrell

20170127761   Composite Laminated Structure for Shoe Stiffener        Shu-Chieh Wang; et al.

20170127760   Insert Liner for Footwear & Method of Manuf. Same   JCA Investment Holdings Inc.

20170127759   Orthopedic Boot Liner                                                   Kristina Diemer

20170127758   Footwear With A Removable Outsole                           Andre Cooper

20170127757   Outsole of Article, Having Fin Traction Elements         NIKE, Inc.

20170127756   Article w/ Sole w/ Different Compressibilities              NIKE, Inc.

20170127755   Sole Structure for Article w/ Nonlinear Bending, Etc.   NIKE, Inc.

20170127754   Footwear with Zoned Insulation                                    Cabela’s Incorporated

20170127753   Article with a Tactile Feedback System                         NIKE, Inc.

20170127752   Article of Footwear with Rod Support System              NIKE, Inc.

20170127751   Ventilated Shoe                                                              Nahyun Kim

20170127750   Footwear with Adjustable Shock Absorbing System    Hattar Tanin LLC

20170127749   Work Shoe                                                                     Robert Bosch GmbH

20170120109   Flight Time                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

20170119105   Decorative Enhancement of Footwear                           Perry Crafts, LLC

20170119104   Devices & Methods for Adjusting Fit of Footwear       Boa Technology Inc.

20170119103   Milled Leather Shoe Upper                                            adidas AG

20170119102   Thermoplastic Polyurethane Infused Mesh                    Converse Inc.

20170119101   Upper of Shoe                                                               Yasuyuki Takada; et al.

20170119100   High-Heeled Footwear                                                  Yasuyuki Yamada

20170119099   Shoe Heel with Shock Absorbent Feature                     Beverly Ferguson

20170119098   Ventilating Insole for Footwear                                     Hyman Kramer

20170119097   Shoe Heel Platform                                                        Brooke A. Singer

20170119096   Article Including Bladder Element w/ Cushioning         NIKE, Inc.

20170119095   Article w/ Bladder Element having Cushioning             NIKE, Inc.

20170119094   Integrated Polyurethane Article                                      Lubrizol Advanced Materials, Inc.

20170119093   Energy Return, Cushioning, & Arch Support Plates     Ariat International, Inc.

20170119092   Article of Footwear                                                        Natalie Lee-Sang

20170119091   Pressure Mapped Midsoles, Articles, & Methods         Reebok International Limited

20170119090   Foot Arch Support Device                                             Big Hill Industrial Co., Ltd.

20170119089   Method, Apparatus for Internal Heating of Footwear    Thomas Nikita Krupenkin; et al.

20170119088   Golf Shoes                                                                     Lisa Regan; et al.

20170119087   Split-Sole Footwear                                                       Gavrieli Brands LLC

20170119086   Footwear Attachment Assembly                                    Deckers Outdoor Corporation

20170119085   Detachable Sandal Coverings                                        Paul Gerstenberger; et al.

20170119084   Article w/ Upper with Knitted Elements                        NIKE, Inc.

20170119083   Article w/ Knitted Component with Tensile Strand       NIKE, Inc.

20170119068   Integrated Leg Guards                                                   Holdt Products, LLC

20170188455    Magnetic Particle Embedded Flex or Printed Flex         Intel Corporation

20170186300    Intelligent Shoe for the Blind                                         Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd; et al.

20170183812    Method for Marking References on Flat Article            Luigino Criante; et al.

20170183550    Reactive Polyurethane Hot Melt Adhesive & Use         Henkel AG & Co. KGaA

20170182733    Thermally Insulated Article & Sleeping Bag Liners       Furio          Orologio

20170182732    Article w/ Auxetic Layer Coupled to Elastic Layer        Under Armour, Inc.

20170181502    Footwear Component Manufacturing Fixture                NIKE, Inc.

20170181501    Article of Footwear with Improved Structure                SALOMON S.A.S.

20170181500    Article of Footwear having Upper w/ Cord Elements    NIKE, Inc.

20170181499    Fluid-Filled Chamber with a Tensile Element                NIKE, Inc.

20170181498    Footwear Compositions-Propylene-Based Elastomers  ExxonMobil Chemical Patents Inc.

20170181497    Sole Structure of an Article of Footwear                        NIKE, Inc.

20170181496    Interwoven Lattice Structure for Cushioning Member   Under Armour, Inc.

20170181495    Method & Apparatus to Assist Foot Motion                 Trustees of Boston University

20170181494    Inner Boots                                                                    HOOD INC.

20170181493    Flip Flop Style Sandals with Interchangeable Sole        FlipRocks, LLC

20170181492    Flip Flops with Wind and Water Barrier                        Dan Alan Steinberg

20170181275    Gradient Encapsulant Protection of Devices                  Intel Corporation

20170176266    System of Cellular Network, Shear-Stress Sensors       FEETME

20170173910    Methods for Manufacturing Cushioning Elements        adidas AG

20170173885    Generating Specifications for an Orthosis                      Hewlett Packard Enterprise Dev. LP

20170172259    Multi-Axis Automatic Shoe Sole Processing                 Pou Chen Corporation

20170172258    Vamp with Embossed Pattern                                        Long John Tsung Right Ind. Co., Ltd.

20170172257    Adjustable & Interchangeable Shoe Fastening Device   Rosana Meraz

20170172256    Shoe Garter                                                                    Melisa M. Ganci

20170172255    Shoe Lacing System                                                       Arturo Ramos

20170172254    Footwear Article Comprising Links                               NIKE, Inc.

20170172253    Shoes Ventilation System                                              Frantisek Novak

20170172252    Removable Shoe Insole                                                  Neale Cody Schindermann; et al.

20170172251    Shoe and Method of Manufacture                                  Michael K. Douglas

20170172250    Footwear w/ Sole Structure w/ Fluid-Filled Chamber    NIKE, Inc.

20170172249    Footwear Auxiliaries for Toning Leg Muscles              Danielle M. Kassatly; et al.

20170172248    Arch Support                                                                 Mark Fadil           

20170172247    Waterproofing Method for Footwear                             Chinook Asia LLC

20170172246    Shoes for Ball Sports                                                     adidas AG

20170172245    Convertible Footwear Apparatus                                   Yusuf A. Muhammad

20170168328    System/Method Manipulate Color Change Materials     adidas AG

20170168201    High-Brightness Reflective Luminous Membrane         Ying-Chi Shih

20170165096    Ankle Brace for Ankle-Foot Orthotic                            Core Products International, Inc.

20170164899    Devices Embedded Smart Shoes                                    Erika Yang; et al.

20170164692    System and Method for Forming an Article                   NIKE, Inc.

20170164691    Article having Sole Assembly with Cleats                     NIKE, Inc.

20170164690    Sole Structure w/ Integrated Cleat Member, Methods    NIKE, Inc.

20170164689    Sole Structure with Segmented Portions                        NIKE, Inc.

20170164688    Orthotic System                                                             Robert F. Weiss

20170164687    Midfoot Orthotic Shoe Insert                                         Laina Gossman

20170164686    Sole Structure- Allow Relative Heel/Forefoot Motion   NIKE, Inc.

20170164685    Sole Elements and Shoes                                                adidas AG

20170164684    Shoe Wear-Out Sensor, Body-Bar Sensing System       Apple Inc.

20170164683    Upper with Sensory Feedback                                       NIKE, Inc.

20170164682    Footwear Ornamentation Assembly, Insert, Methods    Elisabetta Pianta

20170164681    Safety Slipper                                                                 Albahealth, LLC

20170164680    Shoe with Charging Function                                         Le Holdings (Beijing) Co., Ltd.; et al.

20170160538    Laser Siping Apparatus                                                  NIKE, Inc.

20170160439    Article having a Plurality of Optical Structures              NIKE, Inc.

20170160400    System, Method for Detecting Wear by a Patient           Creative Specific Software

20170157893    Joined Fiber-Reinforced Composite Material                 Carbitex, Inc.

20170157846    Three-Dimensional Printing w/ Captive Element            NIKE, Inc.

20170157508    Sigils for Use with Apparel                                            NIKE, Inc.

20170156659    Device/Shoes/Insoles/Method for Correcting Posture    Boe Technology Group Co., Ltd; et al.

20170156529    Device & Method for Aiding Putting on a Ski Boot      Kelly McKay; et al.

20170156453    Zipper Assembly                                                            NIKE, Inc.

20170156449    Traction Cleat and Receptacle                                         Pride Manufacturing Company, LLC

20170156448    Tensioning Systems for Footwear                                  Vans, Inc.

20170156447    Segmented Tunnels on Articles                                      NIKE, Inc.

20170156446    Shoe Upper                                                                    Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd.

20170156445    Article of Footwear with Tubular Structures                  NIKE, Inc.

20170156444    Footwear w/ Tubular Structures Having Tab Portions   NIKE, Inc.

20170156443    Footwear Upper w/ Dynamic & Lock-Out Regions       Under Armour, Inc.

20170156442    Method- Parts of Waterproof & Breathable Shoes         GEOX S.p.A.

20170156441    Removable Heel Connector Apparatus                           Tin Ray Ho

20170156440    Composite Shoe Sole & Method for Making Thereof    Zhenyu Guo

20170156439    Shoe Upper Structure and Shoe                                     Mizuno Corporation

20170156438    Cushioning Sole for Footwear                                       Hyman Kramer

20170156437    Bio Heel Pad, Bio Heel Pad Shoe & Methods               BIOFOOTPAD, INC.

20170156436    Rigid Orthotic and Method of Forming                          Blaine Elliott Wilson

20170156435    Sandals- Pilgrimage to Mecca, Convert to Waistbelt      Abdulkafi Al Nawab

20170156434    Shoe                                                                               Adidas AG

20170156427    Tunnel Spring Structures                                                NIKE, Inc.

20170155978    Wearable Device and Vehicle                                         Hyundai Motor Company

20170151742    Method for Producing a Sole for a Shoe                        Matthias Hartmann

20170151688    Method of Manuf. Corrugated Wood Element               Wood Innovations Ltd. 

20170151488    Downhill Snow Sport Boot Frame                                 Envy Snow Sports LLC

20170150785    Method of Filling Electrorheological Fluid Structure     NIKE, Inc.

20170150784    Lacing System, Method for Securing Ends of Laces      Sean P. Leary

20170150783    Ventilated Shoe                                                              GEOX S.P.A       

20170150782    Outsole of Shoe                                                              ASICS Corporation

20170150781    Self-Cleaning Footwear System                                     Sean Seng

20170150780    Electrorheological Fluid Structure w/ Conductor            NIKE, Inc.

20170150779    Electrorheological Fluid Structure w/ Strain Relief         NIKE, Inc.

20170150778    Articles of Footwear and Sole Structures for Articles    NIKE, Inc.

20170150777    Articles of Footwear and Sole Structures for Articles    NIKE, Inc.

20170150776    Apparatus & Method for Securing Upper to a Sole       NIKE, Inc.

20170150775    A Feet Position Guidance Aid                                        Footbalance System OY

20170150774    Equip. Enabling Engagement in Physical Activity          SALOMON S.A.S.

20170150773    Article of Footwear and Charging System                     NIKE, Inc.

20170150772    Lace Adjuster Assembly Incl. Feedback Assembly       FLYCLIP LLC

20170213382    Manuf. Customized Sport Apparel – Sensor Data     adidas AG

20170213095    Smart Shoe                                                                BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd.

20170211214    Stereoscopic Weft Knitted Fabric for Vamp              Aknit International Ltd.

20170210916    Coating Material, Film, Oil Repellent Member          Mitsubishi Materials Corporation; et al.

20170208904    Sole w/ Integrated Mechanical Device & Method     Gestion Mellerin Inc.

20170208903    Head Covering and Hood Garment Device               Lisa T. Levari

20170208902    Storage Device for Shoelace                                      STASH Sporting Goods, Inc.

20170208901    Apparatus & Related Methods for Securing Heel     Jessica Liu

20170208900    Article of Footwear with Improved Structure            SALOMON S.A.S.

20170208899    Waterproof Fabric in a Running Shoe                       ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.

20170208898    Footwear Devices                                                      Hyman Kramer

20170208897    Shoe Having Features for Increased Flexibility         Cole Haan LLC

20170208896    Shoe Having Features for Increased Flexibility         Cole Haan LLC

20170208895    Footwear with Forced Air Venting                           Codet Inc.

20170208894    Motorcycle Boot                                                        Fox Head, Inc.

20170208893    Cross-Country Ski Boot Sole                                    Rossignol Lange S.R.L.

20170208892    Exoskeletal Boot                                                        Apex Sports Group, LLC

20170208891    Boot and Holster Assembly                                      Nathan B. Deters

20170208890    Energy Harvesting Sole                                             adidas AG

20170202703    Thermal Clothing for Gas-Based Heat Exchange      Ataollah Yazdani

20170202317    Automatic Spray System for Shoe Sole Adhesive    Orisol Asia Ltd.

20170202316    Methods & Devices for Retrofitting Footwear          Boa Technology Inc.

20170202315    Lacing System                                                           Chi-Hsun Chen

20170202314    Universal Shoe Fastener System                               Gyuwon Song

20170202313    Fastening Mechanism for Use w/ Lacing Element    NIKE, Inc.

20170202312    Connectable Drawstrings with Insertion Tool           Steven Douglas Finley

20170202311    Article of Footwear with Multiple Layers                 NIKE, Inc.

20170202310    Article of Footwear with a Tensioning System         NIKE, Inc.

20170202309    Three-Dimensional Printing of a Traced Element      NIKE, Inc.

20170202308    Footwear w/ Felting Transition Between Materials   NIKE, Inc.

20170202307    Footwear w/ Embroidery Transition b/t Materials     NIKE, Inc.

20170202306    Footwear w/ New Insole Board & Insole Structure  Jae Eun Do; et al.

20170202305    Sole Assembly for Article of Footwear                     Wolverine Outdoors, Inc.

20170202304    Manual & Dynamic Shoe Comfort Adjustment        Hoe-Phuan Ng

20170202303    Shoe Having Cushion within Heel Member              Cole Haan LLC

20170202302    Articulated Sole Structure w/ Sipes – Hexagonal       NIKE, Inc.

20170202301    Footwear w/ Internal Chassis, Indexed Sock Liner   NIKE, Inc.

20170202300    Conformable & Pressure-Spreading Footbeds          Rogers Corporation

20170202299    Device for 3D Foot Motion Control & Pressure       Global Action Inc.

20170202298    Skate and Method of Manufacture                            Sport Maska Inc.

20170202297    Ski Boot                                                                    Calzaturificio S.C.A.R.P.A. S.p.A.

20170202296    Footwear Article Having Cord Structure                   Fuerst Group, Inc.

20170202295    Footwear Upper w/ Knitted Component, Method     NIKE, Inc.

20170202283    Wearing Set Preventing Articles from Sliding Past   Chao-Mu Chou; et al.

20170200351    Sound-Producing Shoe Incl. Impact & Proximity     Robert Grubba

20170196344    Wearable Assembly w/ Decorative Items                  Maria Nakamura

20170196312    Footwear with an Alternate Fastening System          NIKE, Inc.

20170196311    Tieless Laces w/Eyelet-Sized Attachable Ends          Rithy Ouk

20170196310    Footwear Accessories                                               Summer Elizabeth Stevens

20170196309    Shoe Heel Counter                                                    Beverly Ferguson

20170196308    Upper w/ Bonded Differentially-Oriented Strips       NIKE, Inc.

20170196307    Footwear, Elements, & Related Methods                  K-SWISS, INC.

20170196306    Shoe with Integral Orthotic/Propulsion Plate            Roar Licensing, LLC

20170196305    Footwear with Asymmetrical Segmented Plates        NIKE, Inc.

20170196304    Outer Sole Component w/ Co-Mold Flex Modifier  NIKE, Inc.

20170196303    Yarns, Threads, Textiles w/ Polymer Material          NIKE, Inc.

20170196302    Human Locomotion Assisting Shoe                          Mark Costin Roser

20170196301    Method, Apparatus- Altering Height Sole Assem.    NIKE, Inc.

20170196300    Intelligent Massage Shoes                                         Shenzhen Fittop Health Tech. Co., Ltd.

20170196299    Ski Boot                                                                    MARKER Deutschland GmbH

20170196298    Bearing Structure w/ a Pronounced Upward Arch    MARKER Deutschland GmbH

20170196297    Cover for Protecting Shoe                                         Chin Woo Chung

20170196296    Amphoteric Metal Compound-Treated Substrate      William B. Lee

20170190121    Generating of 3D-Printed Custom Wearables           Wiivv Wearables Inc.

20170189777    Foot Positioning Device                                            Matthew J. Robinson; et al.

20170189221    Compression Leg Support                                         M.J. Fullerton

20170188950    Insert for Monitoring of Biomechanics, Motion        Motion Metrix Corporation

20170188668    Smart Watch Band                                                     ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.

20170188664    Method for Patch Placement & Articles Produced    adidas AG

20170188663    Hydraulic/Pneumatic Footwear Molding Device       Shuang Qian

20170188662    Footwear w/ Cleat Arrangement Including Angled   NIKE, Inc.

20170188661    Shoe Wrap and Method for Manufacturing Shoe      Action Sports Equipment, Inc.

20170188660    Shoe- Waterproof, Vapor-Permeable Sole, Upper    Geox S.p.A.

20170188659    Sole Structure for an Artricle of Footwear                NIKE, Inc.

20170188658    Safety Footwear                                                        TBL Licensing LLC

20170188657    Article Of Footwear w/ Talonavicular Support         NIKE, Inc.

20170188656    Footwear Having an Adjustable Length Feature       Mizuno USA, Inc.

20170188655    Footwear Having an Adjustable Width Feature         Mizuno USA, Inc.

20170188654    Accessorizable Shoe and Accessories for the Shoe   Beverly Ferguson

20170188653    Shoe Structure w/ Lace for Penetrating Itself            Chun-Teng Hsieh; et al.


Design patents issued in the months of May – July:


Pat. No.             Title                                                                           Assignee

D787,832         Shoe Attachable Brush                                                  None

D787,807         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,806         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D787,805         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D787,804         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D787,803         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D787,802         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D787,801         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,800         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,799         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,798         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,797         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,796         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,795         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,794         Footwear                                                                        Columbia Sportswear N. America, Inc.

D787,793         Footwear                                                                        Sorel Corporation

D787,792         Shoe Outsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D787,791         Shoe Outsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D787,790         Shoe                                                                               None

D787,789         Footwear                                                                        Crocs, Inc.

D787,788         Footwear Toe Cap                                                         Rocky Brands, Inc.

D787,787         Shoe Cover                                                                    Pleut Pieds LLC

D787,172         Shoe                                                                               Buscemi, LLC

D787,171         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D787,170         Shoe Sole                                                                       Cole Haan LLC

D787,169         Sole for Footwear                                                          Valentino S.P.A.

D787,168         Shoe Midsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D787,167         Footwear Sole                                                                None

D787,166         Sandal                                                                            SummerSkates Limited

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D786,546         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D786,545         Shoe Midsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D786,544         Shoe Midsole                                                                 Reebok International Limited

D786,543         Shoe                                                                               None

D786,542         Footwear                                                                        None

D786,541         Sandal                                                                            None

D786,540         Sandal or Similar Article                                                None

D786,539         Sandal                                                                            Gregory Seth Vixama

D786,055         Fastening Device                                                           Hickies, Inc.

D785,924         Wrist Band                                                                     Drymax Technologies, Inc.

D785,923         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D785,922         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D785,921         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D785,920         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D785,919         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D785,918         Ultra Lightweight Trail Running Spikes                        None

D785,917         Shoe Outsole Bottom                                                     Skechers U.S.A., Inc. II

D785,916         Foot Covering for Fitness and Dance                            Pointe Noir Pty Ltd.

D785,915         Portion of a Boot Upper                                                Dynasty Footwear, Ltd.

D785,914         Footwear                                                                        Under Armour, Inc.

D785,913         Overshoe                                                                       Shoes For Crews, LLC

D785,912         Disposable Protective Footwear Cover                          Kimberly-Clark Worldwide, Inc.

D785,313         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D785,312         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

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D785,309         Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D785,308         Boot with Notch                                                            Hoof and Woof LLC

D785,307         Sole for Footwear                                                          Easy Spirit LLC

D785,306         Sole                                                                                Easy Spirit LLC

D785,305         Footwear Tread                                                              TBL Licensing LLC

D785,304         Shoe Outsole                                                                 Jiones Frs Corporation

D785,303         Shoe Outsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D785,302         Instability Footwear Sole                                               None

D785,301         Shoe                                                                               None

D785,300         Shoe                                                                               None

D785,299         Shoe                                                                               Donald E. Moriarty

D785,298         Shoe                                                                               Donald E. Moriarty

D785,297         Sandal Upper                                                                 JPT Group LLC

D785,296         Half Shoe with Sole                                                       Ballet Makers, Inc.

D785,295         Canvas Shoe w/ Toe Cover, Bumper Pattern, Stripes    Payless Shoesource Worldwide, Inc.

D790,208          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,207          Shoelace                                                                         None

D790,206          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,205          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,204          Shoe Upper                                                                    Converse Inc.

D790,203          Shoe Upper                                                                    Converse Inc.

D790,202          Shoe Upper                                                                    Converse Inc.

D790,201          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,200          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,199          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,198          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,197          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,196          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,195          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,194          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,193          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,192          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,191          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,190          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,189          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D790,188          Upper of a Footwear Article                                          Salomon S.A.S.

D790,187          Tongue and Collar of a Footwear Article                        Salomon S.A.S.

D790,186          Footwear Upper                                                              Deckers Outdoor Corporation

D790,185          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,184          Shoe Outsole                                                                  Converse Inc.

D790,183          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,182          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,181          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,180          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,179          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,178          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,177          Shoe Outsole                                                                  Converse Inc.

D790,176          Footwear Sole                                                                 Cabela’s Incorporated

D790,175          Footwear Midsole                                                           Deckers Outdoor Corporation

D790,174          Footwear Midsole                                                           Deckers Outdoor Corporation

D790,173          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,172          Shoe Sole                                                                        NIKE, Inc.

D790,171          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,170          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,169          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,168          Shoe Heel Protector                                                        None

D790,167          Boot                                                                                None

D789,680          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,679          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,678          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,677          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,676          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,675          Shoe                                                                                adidas AG

D789,674          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,673          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,672          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,671          Upper of a Footwear Article                                           Salomon S.A.S.

D789,670          Footwear                                                                         Eastman Footwear Group, Inc.

D789,669          Outsole of Footwear                                             , Ltd.

D789,668          Upper Portion of Footwear                                   , Ltd.

D789,667          Cushion Pad                                                                   Talar-Made Limited

D789,666          Cushion Pad                                                                   Talar-Made Limited

D789,665          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D789,664          Shoe Outsole                                                                  Jione Frs Corporation

D789,663          Shoe                                                                                NIKE, Inc.

D789,662          Sandal                                                                             Yves Saint Laurent

D789,661          Sandal                                                                             Yves Saint Laurent

D789,660          Sandal                                                                             Yves Saint Laurent

D789,659          Child’s Shoe                                                                    Dirty Shoes, Inc.

D789,072          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,071          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,070          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,069          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,068          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,067          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,066          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,065          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,064          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,063          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D789,062          Upper of a Footwear Article                                           Salomon S.A.S.

D789,061          Upper of a Footwear Article                                           Salomon S.A.S.

D789,060          Shoe Component                                                            Under Armour, Inc.

D789,059          Insole with Heel Studs                                                    None

D789,058          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D789,057          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D789,056          Outsole                                                                           Strategic Partners, Inc.

D789,055          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D789,054          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D789,053          Shoe Midsole                                                                  Converse Inc.

D789,052          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D789,051          Shoe Midsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D789,050          Sandal                                                                             Yves Saint Laurent

D789,049          Footwear                                                                         None

D789,048          Boot                                                                                Chinook Asia LLC

D789,047          Boot                                                                                WORLDboots, Inc.

D789,046          Boot                                                                                None

D789,045          Sneaker                                                                           Christian Dior Couture S.A.

D789,044          Shoe                                                                                ECCO SKO A/S

D788,446          Locking Device for Shoes                                              Airtox International A/S

D788,445          Decorative Wrap                                                             None

D788,444          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,443          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,442          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,441          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,440          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,439          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,438          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,437          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,436          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,435          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,434          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,433          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,432          Footwear Upper                                                              Deckers Outdoor Corporation

D788,431          Shoe Upper                                                                     NIKE, Inc.

D788,430          Insole                                                                              None

D788,429          Shoe Insert                                                                      None

D788,428          Shoe Outsole Bottom                                                      Skechers U.S.A., Inc. II

D788,427          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,426          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,425          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,424          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,423          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,422          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,421          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,420          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,419          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,418          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,417          Shoe Outsole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D788,416          Shoe Midsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D788,415          Shoe Midsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D788,414          Overshoe                                                                        FYVFY, Inc.

D792,704          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,703          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,702          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,701          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,700          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,699          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,698          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,697          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,696          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,695          Shoe Upper                                                                    Converse Inc.

D792,694          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,693          Footwear Upper                                                             Deckers Outdoor Corporation

D792,692          Orthotic Insert for Footwear                                          Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.

D792,691          Shoe Outsole                                                                  Cole Haan LLC

D792,690          Sole for Footwear                                                          Cole Haan LLC

D792,689          Sole for Footwear                                                          Cole Haan LLC

D792,688          Shoe Outsole                                                                  Jione Frs Corporation

D792,687          Shoe Midsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D792,686          Shoe Sole                                                                       NIKE, Inc.

D792,685          Shoe Midsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D792,684          Shoe                                                                               None

D792,683          Canvas Shoe w/ Toe Cover, Decorative Elements         Payless Shoesource Worldwide

D792,087          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,086          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,085          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,084          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,083          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,082          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,081          Shoe Upper                                                                    Converse Inc.

D792,080          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,079          Footwear (Myriad)                                                         J. Choo Limited

D792,078          Shoe Upper                                                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,077          Mountable Bullet Shaped Decoration                             None

D792,076          Removable Stick on Golf Cleats for Footwear              None

D792,075          Recreational Shoe Spike                                                Horst Engineering & Mfg.

D792,074          Recreational Shoe Spike                                                Horst Engineering & Mfg.

D792,073          Recreational Shoe Spike                                                Horst Engineering & Mfg.

D792,072          Recreational Shoe Spike                                                Horst Engineering & Mfg.

D792,071          Recreational Shoe Spike                                                Horst Engineering & Mfg.

D792,070          Shoe Outsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D792,069          Shoe Outsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D792,068          Shoe Outsole                                                                 Chinook Asia LLC

D792,067          Shoe Midsole Periphery                                                Skechers U.S.A., Inc. II

D792,066          Shoe Midsole                                                                NIKE, Inc.

D792,065          Shoe Upper with Eyelet Region                                    NIKE, Inc.

D792,064          Footwear                                                                       Joy Chen-Kolterman LLC

D792,063          Footwear                                                                       Joy Chen-Kolterman LLC

D792,062          Footwear                                                                       Joy Chen-Kolterman LLC

D792,061          Footwear                                                                       Joy Chen-Kolterman LLC

D791,466          Sock                                                                              Water 2 Wear, LLC

D791,465          Shoe Ornament Design                                                 Skechers U.S.A., Inc. II

D791,464          Shoe Upper                                                                   Converse Inc.

D791,463          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D791,462          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D791,461          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D791,460          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D791,459          Footwear                                                                       J. Choo Limited

D791,458          Sandal Upper                                                                 JPT Group LLC

D791,457          Shoe Upper                                                                   Converse Inc.

D791,456          Insole                                                                             Peacocks Orthotics Limited

D791,455          Shoe                                                                              Reebok International Limited

D791,454          Shoe Outsole                                                                 NIKE, Inc.

D791,453          Shoe Midsole                                                                NIKE, Inc.

D791,452          Sole Structure for an Article of Footwear                      Under Armour, Inc.

D791,451          Slipper                                                                           None

D791,450          Shoe                                                                              Reebok International Limited

D790,845          Folding Board                                                               Honey-Can-Do International, LLC

D790,844          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,843          Shoe                                                                              NIKE, Inc.

D790,842          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,841          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,840          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,839          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,838          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,837          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,836          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,835          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,834          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,833          Shoe Upper                                                                   NIKE, Inc.

D790,832          Shoe Upper                                                               NIKE, Inc.

D790,831          Shoe Upper                                                               NIKE, Inc.

D790,830          Footwear                                                                   Columbia Sportswear Company

D790,829          Shoe Upper                                                               Converse Inc.

D790,828          Shoe Midsole                                                            NIKE, Inc.

D790,827          Foot Arch Support                                                    None

D790,826          Foot Arch Support                                                    None

D790,825          Pad                                                                            Dr.’s Own, Inc.

D790,824          Footwear Outsole                                                      Deckers Outdoor Corporation

D790,823          Shoe Outsole                                                             NIKE, Inc.

D790,822          Shoe Outsole                                                             NIKE, Inc.

D790,821          Shoe Outsole                                                             NIKE, Inc.

D790,820          Shoe Outsole                                                             Jione Frs Corporation

D790,819          Shoe Sole                                                                  NIKE, Inc.

D790,818          Shoe Midsole                                                            Converse Inc.

D790,817          Shoe Base                                                                  Cat Perkins Inc.

D790,816          Sandal                                                                        Yves Saint Laurent

D790,815          Shoe                                                                          TBL Licensing LLC

D790,814          Shoe                                                                          TBL Licensing LLC

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