Design, Product Development and IP:

– Materials and innovation summit – over 100 designers, product development/materials professionals (from nearly 30 brands) attended our material summit last year, we expect an increase this year.  Click here to see the type of speakers and topics we cover: http://conta.cc/2vIIvNv  The 2018 Summit will again be at NC State in September.

– Monthly Design and IP digest: http://conta.cc/2ksP1Av

– Monthly Material costs: http://fdra.org/footwear-materials-cost-report/

– Smart Shoe Series – over 2018 we will hold a number of seminars, webinars and some workshops on 3D design and development to a number of innovations impacting how we design, develop and produce shoes.  An example: http://conta.cc/2GPOTUY

– Material Exchange Project – we are helping to build a digitial material database for brands…making it easier to select the right material and communicate with suppliers…cutting costs and man hours, while increasing certainty. See the Intro to ME video here. 



– Rulings Booklet 2017: http://conta.cc/2jbCCAL

– Customs Report (monthly): http://conta.cc/2Et3OWR

– FTDC – annual traffic and customs conference where 200 supply chain and customs professionals network and learn: http://fdra.org/ftdc/

– Total footwear import and customs center – from classification of samples, to labeling requirements to
trade agreement info, its all here, free for members: https://www.footwearcustoms.com/

– Annual Customs Meeting: http://conta.cc/2ErBJ23


Product Safety:

– quarterly updates: http://conta.cc/2ksNYkb

– FDRA’s Global Footwear Testing Guide (online): http://globalfootweartesting.com/

– Risk Management (chemical fail rate) report: http://files.constantcontact.com/569ca1a9001/a69dd886-61ae-463b-b526-0e6bfc4e7eeb.pdf

– Summit: http://conta.cc/2G9dHXB


Sourcing, Supply Chain and social compliance:

– Monthly newsletter: http://conta.cc/2kiJXg0

– Material costs: http://fdra.org/footwear-materials-cost-report/

– Import data by category: http://fdra.org/footwear-imports/

– Yearly Sourcing Report: http://fdra.org/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/FDRA-Footwear-Sourcing-Report-2017.pdf

– Factory Training online (FDRA provides members with a set of compliance courses for its compliance team and/or factories): https://store.elevateelearning.com/

– RFP/Code of Conduct: http://fdra.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/Code-of-Conduct-Final-March-2015.pdf

– Annual Summit: http://conta.cc/2ueMs7o

– Quarterly update calls: http://conta.cc/2ksXynd

– Trade and Politics Newsletter: http://conta.cc/2EqwfVw


Working Groups:






Even if you don’t work on sales or marketing, its never a bad thing to know the marketplace.  FDRA produces numerous reports on footwear sales in the US, Canada and EU. It also produces price reports and employment at shoe stores. Examples:





A visual look at our footwear industry: http://shoeconomy.us/

Shoe-in Show:

Continual learning and engagement – industry leaders talking to industry leaders: http://www.shoeinshow.com/