Adidas Originals Releases ‘Original Is Never Finished’ Film

Adidas Originals Releases ‘Original Is Never Finished’ Film

Adidas Originals released its latest film, “Original Is Never Finished | 2018,” featuring a wide range of its ambassadors across music, style and sport. The cast includes Dua Lipa, Miles Silvas, Playboi Carti, Lu Han, A$AP Ferg, Nick Young, Kaytranada, Florencia Galarza, Marcelo Vieira and Adrianne Ho.

In a metaphoric loop, in which the first scene of the film mirrors that of the last, each individual picks up from where the last left off, building upon the past to create a revolution through evolution. The viewer is taken on a visual journey and Never Finished explores the idea of repetition as an expression of creativity, reaffirming that every moment in culture is in a constant state of beta.

“With the 2018 chapter of Original Is Never Finished, we were inspired first and foremost by the theme of complacency, which is by far the very thing that blocks creativity,” says Alegra O’Hare, VP of global communication, Adidas Originals. “We wanted to give a whole new meaning to the idea of being never finished. We were fascinated by our own repeated behaviors, and once we disrupted the routine it gave us the freedom to explore the unexpected. The idea of doing things over and over again, is reflected in the repition of images throughout the film and this Adidas Originals “wheel of life” releases the creativity and energy of a new generation of creators including Florencia Galarza, Adrianne Ho, and A$AP Ferg, who embody the lyrics of the 90’s billboard hit Keep Pushin, a chant to inspire all creators to do the same.”

From start to finish each action inspires the next. Geared up in adicolor, music sensation Dua Lipa leads the pack, being the the first to disrupt the norm alongside her crew. Upon reaching the pinnacle of their pursuit, they are met by professional skateboarder Miles Silvas who endlessly combines his old tricks with new ones in an unrelenting pursuit of perfection, all while wearing the Adidas skateboarding City Cup sneaker.

Silvas’ trick flips the scene to a lavish setting where rapper Playboi Carti changes from one outrageous outfit to another standing atop a grand piano in an unhumble act of expression befitting of the Crazy 1 ADV silhouette. As the piano begins to deconstruct, the scene it becomes is stripped down to its essentials as musician and creative Lu Han makes his way through the broken down piano parts while wearing EQT BASK ADV. Lu Han looks up and the scene transitions to hip-hop artist and professed sneakerhead A$AP Ferg who performs ritual unboxings revealing generations of the iconic EQT silhouette, and his newest grail, EQT BASK ADV.

A quick glance by basketball prodigy Nick Young wearing the Crazy BYW silhouette, referencing his infamous meme, leads to producer Kaytranada pressing records in a mechanical repitition. Wearing the NMD_R1 STLT PK, he passes off the final vinyl to DJ and footballer Florencia Galarza. She passes through a series of rooms, each with its own energy in a nod to the multi-faceted identity of the Arkyn sneaker she wears showing she is the sum of her inspirations and never just one thing. Picking up the beat of the record in his locker room, footballer Marcelo Vieira performs a victory dance wearing EQT. Continuing the momentum, streetwear icon Adrianne Ho marches ahead through a flickering sequence of self-expressions highlighting the power of any color in adicolor. Moving from fashion’s epicenter to the periphery, a crew of outsiders wearing Prophere run from the gaze of a surveillance camera.

It’s this final moment that finds the collective group of creators climbing in their common and relentless pursuit of evolution. A sudden flash of green takes the viewer back to the beginning of the loop, and just when it appears to be over, the loop is broken again and the next creative iteration begins.

For the brand who looks to the past to empower the future, a remixed iteration of Inaya Day’s track “Keep Pushin” takes the original version to a new level.