Asics Launches Fitness-Class App

Asics Launches Fitness-Class App

Asics launched ASICS Studio, a mobile fitness app that offers unlimited access to on-demand workouts. The experience features trainer-led audio, curated playlists and visual cues.

Convenience and audio instruction are at the core of the immersive fitness experience. ASICS Studio replicates the energy and excitement of top boutique fitness classes. Workouts are crafted by a top-rated professional trainer, then paired with a curated music playlist that complements the tone and energy of the workout.

“Working out is about more than visiting the trendiest gyms and hoping you get off the waitlist for the 6 p.m. class,” said Erin Bailey, director of fitness programming for ASICS Studio. “Fitness is personal, it’s all about finding the time to move when you can by making fitness accessible.”

ASICS Studio was born from a desire to address real consumer needs. Fitness classes and gym memberships can be expensive and difficult to fit into busy schedules. It can also be challenging to find the motivation for a solo workout without instruction. For a monthly fee, ASICS Studio provides access to a complete collection of studio workouts including strength training, treadmill, fusion (strength + cardio), outdoor running, elliptical and indoor cycling workouts.

“At ASICS Digital we’re committed to building platforms and experiences that transform the way we connect with our users across the globe,” said Dan Smith, GM of ASICS Digital.  “Our goal is to remove the barriers that keep people at rest. While we live and work in a digital world, our passion is building products and services that inspire people to move, get fit and stay healthy.”

The app was built by ASICS Digital, the same division responsible for Runkeeper, a mobile running app. ASICS Studio is also the most recent platform supporting the I MOVE ME initiative, a fully integrated consumer communications campaign that brings the Asics’ brand vision closer to consumers.

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