Clemson Athletics and Nike reached an agreement for a 10-year, $58 million extension to their all-sport partnership.

The new agreement more than doubles the annual value of the previous agreement between Clemson and Nike, including a cash increase from $115,000 to $400,000 annually. The deal now ends in 2027-28. Nike has beens supporting Clemson since 2002.

The new agreement provides that Nike’s marketing team and Clemson’s Creative Solutions team meet annually to collaborate on innovative projects that promote the two brands.

Dan Radakovich, director of athletics, Clemson University, said, “Nike is the one of the premier brands in the world, and we’re excited to build upon our relationship. Our brand has grown exponentially in recent years, and this continued partnership will enhance the ‘Power of the Paw’ moving forward.”

Dabo Swinney, head football coach, Clemson University, said, “Nike is the clear leader among our student-athletes and recruits and we’re excited to continue to provide our players with the best equipment and technology in the market. We have a tremendous partnership, and it’s a difference-maker for our program. Being aligned with a global leader like Nike makes the Paw even more powerful.”

Kit Morris, Sr. director of college sports, Nike, said, “Nike is proud to continue its relationship with Clemson, supporting the Tigers in their continued success. It remains a special honor to serve the student-athletes, teams and coaches at Clemson.”

Brian Fairben, NCAA business director, Nike, said, “We took a team trip to Clemson in 2017 and the thing that stood out to us was ‘family.’ It was amazing to see how they treat the players throughout the entire process. I think it’s a special partnership, and we’re going to do some amazing things from a product and marketing standpoint moving forward.”

Jeff Lulay, brand marketing specialist, Nike, said, “The Clemson brand is amazing. Clemson is like the North Star or the gold standard from the branding and marketing standpoint in how they take our product and bring it to life.”