Dick’s Launches “United In Sport” Campaign

Dick’s Launches “United In Sport” Campaign

Timed to the Pyeongchang Olympics, Dick’s Sporting Goods launched a “United In Sport” campaign that shows “the transcendent power of sport throughout history, and highlights moments when humanity is at its best, showcasing the unbreakable power sport has in binding us together.”

The retailer said in a release, “In a time when people are seemingly more divided than ever, Dick’s set out to deliver a message that drives home one of its core values as a company: sports make people better.”

Dick’s adds, “The creative expands to touch on the power sport has to bring us together as one community, one country and one world, and that sport has always been one of the great uniters. During a time when division is prevalent, the Company wants to use the unifying power of Team USA competing at the Olympic Winter Games to remind us all of the power sport has to discover the best in ourselves.

The campaign will include:

  • Digital: Beginning Tuesday, February 6, the spot will run on YouTube and Dick’s social channels
  • Broadcast: On Saturday February 10, the spot will debut on NBC during the Olympic Games and run on NBC’s family of networks throughout the Olympics. On Sunday, February 18, the spot will run on TNT during the NBA All-Star Game;
  • Paid Ad: As a paid ad, a letter from Dick’s Sporting Goods Chairman and Chief Executive Officer Edward W. Stack will run in six papers: New York Times, Washington Post, Boston Globe, LA Times, Chicago Tribune and Pittsburgh Post-Gazette – see attached

The letter, which was also emailed to Dick’s customers, is below:



When we are united, together, we are at our best. But today our world, our country, even our communities are as divided as they have ever been.

No one seems to have time or tolerance for anyone with an opinion differing from their own. Turn on the news or flip through your phone and it seems as though someone or something is trying to drive us apart.

Those forces will not succeed because you can’t break the human spirit, which at its core is indivisible.

As a proud sponsor of Team USA and a company rooted in sport, we are fortunate enough to see humanity at its best every single day … on fields, rinks, courts, tracks, diamonds, gridirons, bleachers and in locker rooms. Sport shows us that the similarities that bind us are in finitely stronger than the differences that divide us. It is the diversity of race, religion and gender that truly moves us forward, together.

For 17 days, as Team USA and the world compete in the 2018 Olympic Winter Games, we will put our differences aside and simply play games.

We will play with excitement and pride. We will play by the rules. And we will play with sportsmanship and respect for our opponents.

For 17 days, the world will be united by the joy and spirit of sport.

Sport has the power to bring us together as one community, one country and one world. Sport has always been one of the great uniters.

The Olympic Winter Games will show those divisive forces that they are ghting a losing battle. We will see how the human spirit can be lifted to new heights. We will see that when we are united, we are at our best.

So let us remember the power sport has to unite us as one race … the human race, living together with respect, tolerance and love.
Not just for 17 days every two years, but always.


Edward W. Stack Chairman & CEO DICK’S Sporting Goods