Film: An Exploration of Late Night Creativity

Film: An Exploration of Late Night Creativity

Reebok Debuts “3:AM,” a content series featuring Cam’ron and Trevor “Trouble” Andrew on December 12.

For most creatives, 3 a.m. represents something entirely different from the average person, allowing creators uninterrupted focus to dive into their work and collaborate with like-minded designers to bring their projects to life. Reebok, in partnership with Foot Locker, will launch “3:AM,” a series of that explores how creatives thrive when everyone is sleeping.

The series will kick off in New York City with Harlem-based Rapper and Reebok Ambassador Cam’ron, pictured left, and Bed-Stuy-based artist Trevor “Trouble” Andrew, pictured right.


In the teaser video here, the camera crew follows Cam’ron and Andrew through their nighttime activities and how the unique hum of NYC nights inspires their work.

The first chapter of the “3:AM” series will launch at a private event in New York City at Foot Locker’s NYC33 space on December 12 with Cam’ron and Andrew attending.

“At Reebok, we’re always on the search for the best creative minds to work with, the most unexpected collaborations, and the most innovative and daring ways to tell unique stories. The “3:AM” series with Foot Locker allows us to do this in a boundary-breaking way, and we’re honored to have both Cam’ron and Trevor Andrew to launch the first chapter of this program.” — Todd Krinsky, GM, Reebok Classic

The cameras will continue to roll after the kickoff in other U.S. cities through 2018, Atlanta being the next stop, with posted videos. For more information, visit Reebok Presents 3:AM here.