Foot Locker And Adidas Partner On Empowerment Program

Foot Locker And Adidas Partner On Empowerment Program

Foot Locker announced the launch of its new Adidas Asterisk Collective, a platform empowering creative partners to make a difference in the world through their respective initiatives, positively impacting communities all over the world.

To celebrate the launch, Foot Locker and Adidas tapped musicians Kid Cudi, Raury and H.E.R., and athletes Patrick Mahomes, Donovan Mitchell and Candace Parker as leaders in their communities that represent the identity of the Collective. Asterisk – The Collective’s symbol – serves as an icon that signifies the coming together of sport, creativity and community, as well as the exception to the rule that marks those who stand out and make a difference.

These six initial creative partners represent the story and the integrity of the Collective, and in return, the Asterisk honors their courage, strength and action to stand out.

Each ambassador of creativity will debut the Adidas Originals TRESC Run on Thursday, December. 6, simultaneously at their respective concerts and games. The Adidas Originals TRESC Run will be the first of many sneakers to drop under the Asterisk Collective, representing how these standouts support their respective communities and empower others to be true to themselves.

“At Foot Locker, it’s our goal to empower youth culture through individuality and self-expression,” said Andrew Gray, vice president and chief merchandising officer for Foot Locker North America. “By partnering with Adidas to launch the Asterisk Collective, we’re fusing our shared values and hoping to inspire others to make their mark – whether that’s giving back to the local community or encouraging the creative passion points of the next generation.”

Looking ahead to 2019, Adidas and Foot Locker will partner with the Asterisk Collective to make their mark, and empower ambassadors of creativity to spread positivity:

  • Kid Cudi will provide the opportunity for kids to experience the healing powers that creativity can have, through outlets like music, art and design.
  • Raury will bring music to communities to promote self-wellness, like hosting co-creating surprise outdoor concerts that benefit local communities.
  • H.E.R. will fuel her non-profit “Bring the Noise Foundation” to provide access to high-quality music programs, top tier artists and mentorship for under-served communities.
  • Patrick Mahomes will amplify his passion for inspiring hospital patients through sport and make an impact on a greater scale, like hosting sporting event viewing parties at local hospitals.
  • Donovan Mitchell will amplify his acts of kindness, inspiring others to join the movement and celebrate experiences that benefit the community.
  • Candace Parker will connect with young women across the country and inspire them to make the world a better place through equality, like creating an inspirational speaker series.

“Adidas is excited to partner with Foot Locker on the Asterisk Collective in order to empower creativity for positive change,” said Kelly Olmstead, VP of Brand Activation for Adidas.

As part of Foot Locker’s ongoing commitment to carrying the hottest footwear, the Adidas Originals TRESC Run will be available exclusively at Foot Locker on Thursday, Dec. 20. The Adidas Originals TRESC Run combines the bold graphic flame detailing with the era-specific Adidas running legacy.

The Asterisk Collective is an example of cause transcending matter. Adidas and Foot Locker hope that this emblem, carried by the TRESC Run today, becomes the unmistakable spearhead of a growing movement. The box features the asterisk symbol and the key colors representing the Collective. The Adidas Originals TRESC Run will retail for $140 USD.

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