ISA TanTec Presented At The 38th International Footwear Conference

ISA TanTec Presented At The 38th International Footwear Conference

Thomas Schneider, founder and executive chairman of ISA TanTec, explained how leather is a sustainable and eco-friendly product as a guest speaker at the 38th International Footwear Conference that took place in Guangzhou on May 27.

The event was co-organized by the China Leather Industry Association (CLIA) and the Association of Guangdong Shoes Manufacturers (AGSM).

The theme of the summit was set to focus on the sustainability in the footwear supply chain and the recent developments affecting the footwear industry.

“The tanning industry is absorbing the byproduct of the dairy and meat industry, that is to say, hides can be disposed of in a landfill if they are not processed in tanneries turning the skins into leathers,” Schneider emphasized in the beginning of his speech that leather is a sustainable product.

“While hides are manufactured into leather to avoid landfill, ISA continues to strive to utilize as much as the hide as possible. Excess material that would otherwise be considered waste from our Auburn Lace production, is sent over to our TrimTec division and is produced into trims and patches. At ISA, we go through great lengths to turn our hides into as many usable materials as possible.” Schneider added.

“The leather industry is too often faced with common misconceptions. With LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) as a trademarked environmental conscious brand, ISA provides our brands with the support needed to get the right message out to their consumers.” Schneider highlighted.