ISA TanTec Progresses With The Expansion Of Existing Saigon Facility

ISA TanTec Progresses With The Expansion Of Existing Saigon Facility

Following the recent opening of its Saigon Showroom, ISA TanTec, an international eco-friendly leather manufacturer, reports on the progress of the further expansion of its existing tannery Saigon TanTec in Binh Duong province in order to meet the growing demand for its eco-friendly LITE leather.

The expansion will boost Saigon TanTec’s production capacity above 6 million square feet per month through the optimization of the production layout, a new warehouse facility and investing in additional production equipment.

“We are investing into the latest technology of production machines. Following concepts like the VNA (Very Narrow Aisle) shelving system and therefore making full use of the floor area and the height, the storage capacity of the new warehouse facility will be maximized and additional space for the workflow on the floor generated”, says Uwe Hutzler, CEO, ISA TanTec.

“The significant addition to the capacity is a necessary step to further facilitate the business growth strategy. The project is expected to be completed by the first quarter 2019, right before the peak season and at the same time, the new final quality control, office and canteen for our employees will be in place.” Said Tiago Horn, COO Asia, ISA TanTec

ISA TanTec is committed to a high standard of ongoing environmental excellence and sustainability in the tanning industry. This expansion project was planned with the intention to preserve ISA’s core value of environmental advocacy and will preserve the entire rain water lagoon as well as all other environmental friendly features like the wetlands.

ISA TanTec celebrated the grand opening of their new showroom in Saigon, Vietnam on November 23. The new 600 square feet showroom is conveniently located in Thao Dien, in close proximity to Saigon TanTec, new tannery TransAsia TanTec and brand offices and factories.

Following the set-up of the Dongguan Showroom built in China two years ago, it is the second showroom of the group.

“The new showroom gives our customers the possibility to see our products and meet with our people in a more accessible location at their convenience. ISA is striving to become more and more a one stop shop. The showroom is designed to showcases the complete collection of shoe leathers (including Italian leather), luxury leathers for handbags, leather trims and leather laces in the latest seasons.” said Thomas Schneider, Executive Chairman of ISA TanTec.

Industry standard lighting is constructed in the showroom for the review of new colors, color standards, new samples and R&D developments. In addition, an office function is incorporated to serve as a temporary workplace for staff.

“Following the increased leather demand from our customers, we have continuously invested in increasing our production capacity. We are setting up a second tannery in Vietnam as well as expanding our existing facility Saigon TanTec, in preparation to meet our customers growing demands,” Schneider added