L.L.Bean Partners To Deliver On-Site MBA Education To Employees

L.L.Bean Partners To Deliver On-Site MBA Education To Employees

L.L.Bean and Husson University announced that a group of 22 L.L.Bean employees has begun pursuing their Master of Business Administration (MBA) degrees from Husson University through a workforce development initiative. As part of an agreement between the two organizations, L.L.Bean employees will participate in classes taught by Husson University professors at L.L.Bean’s corporate headquarters, beginning in September.

The program is designed to bring Husson University professors to the company in order to make pursuing an MBA degree more convenient for L.L.Bean employees. The on-site instruction and coursework will make it easier for the students to balance full-time jobs, families and other obligations.

“We’re excited by the opportunity to offer an on-site MBA for our employees and how easy this program makes it for them to pursue their professional development, said Maureen Lafferty, director of human resources. Husson has been a great partner to us as we worked to get this program launched and we look forward to building that partnership as the MBA courses start this fall.”

“Bringing graduate degree opportunities to the workplace benefits both companies and their employees. Education furthers employees’ careers within the organization. Simultaneously, employers get a higher quality workforce who can take the knowledge, skills and techniques they learn in class and apply them to their jobs right away,” said Melissa Rosenberg, director of graduate admissions at Husson University.

There was significant interest by L.L.Bean employees in participating in the on-site Husson MBA program. So much, in fact, that the company had to devise a lottery system to determine who would be able to participate in the first cohort. Those who were not selected to be in the first cohort had the option to begin working toward their Husson MBA by completing classes online or attending classes at the University’s Southern Maine campus in Westbrook.

L.L.Bean students enrolled in Husson University’s MBA program are looking forward to the educational experience.

Courtney Fillmore, an L.L.Bean employee working in their human resources department said, “Working as a member of a team within the MBA program, outside of my typical workgroup, will allow me to grow and develop interpersonal relationships – both within and outside the company. Studying at Husson will give me access to a network of professionals in Maine who have completed the same MBA program that I have. I think Husson’s MBA is the ideal program to further my career aspirations and I’m looking forward to applying the knowledge I gain in the classroom to my professional development.”

“I have kept current up to this point by educating myself on topics as they arose,” said Mark Blake, L.L.Bean’s lead logistics analyst in their Customs and Trade department. “As expectations for my position have grown, I need more formal and in-depth business education to continue to advance my career. The knowledge I will gain while pursuing my MBA will be immediately applied to my day-to-day work. My Husson MBA will allow me to grow as an individual and improve my ability to better inform the business.”

L.L.Bean employee Carolyn Lefebvre is also enrolled in Husson’s MBA program. Unlike some of her fellow employees, she chose to attend class at the University’s Southern Maine campus. She appreciates the flexibility of the University’s MBA degree. “The Husson University curriculum, its various locations and its schedule of courses is a good fit for my lifestyle. I always thought that I would like to have a better grasp of organizational leadership. The courses offered within Husson’s MBA program will provide me with further formal training in my chosen career field.”

“Husson University is a smart choice for businesses looking for an educational partner to assist with attraction and retention of employees while expanding their lifelong learning options,” said Dr. Marie Hansen, dean of Husson’s College of Business. “The MBA program provides participants with the opportunity to deepen creativity and innovation in addition to expanding knowledge of organizational systems and leadership. The College of Business at Husson University is the largest in the state and we have more than 120 years of experience in providing education that leads to professional success.”

“At Husson University, we understand how a highly skilled workforce can positively impact an organization’s productivity, profitability and customers,” said Dr. Lynne Coy-Ogan, Husson’s senior vice president for academic affairs and provost. “We look forward to partnering with L.L.Bean as this world-class outdoor gear and apparel company strengthens their workforce through education.”