L.L. Bean Sued For Removing Lifetime Return Policy

L.L. Bean Sued For Removing Lifetime Return Policy

A customer has filed a lawsuit against L.L. Bean for ending its unlimited-return policy.

In the lawsuit filed in federal court in Chicago, Victor Bondi describes himself as a ““a loyal customer” and the long-term policy is part of L.L. Bean’s promise to consumers, Bloomberg reports.

“The warranty, promising that there are ‘no conditions’ and there is ‘no end date,’ has been a core component of L.L. Bean’s marketing and has been emblazoned prominently on many L.L. Bean catalog covers,” the complaint stated. “The warranty was a basis of the bargain with the sale of L.L. Bean products. Because of L.L. Bean’s unilateral refusal to honor its warranty, plaintiff and the other class members were harmed, and have been deprived of the benefit of the bargain.”

An L.L. Bean spokesperson told CNBC that the lawsuit misrepresents the updated policy, and that “purchases made before Feb. 9, 2018, are not subject to the new policy as long as there’s proof of purchase.”

As reported, L.L. Bean on Friday ended its lifetime-returns policy due to rampant abuse in recent years. The retailer has initiated a new one-year limit on returns.