Oofos Launches First Global Campaign

Oofos Launches First Global Campaign

Oofos, the maker of recovery footwear, announced its first global brand campaign, titled “Recover Faster. Feel the OO.”

The campaign, intended to increase brand awareness among Oofos’ core target consumer of fitness enthusiasts, active individuals and athletes, demonstrates the critical part footwear plays in the recovery process. The creative for the campaign, conceived in collaboration with Oofos by Plus Agency and orchestrated by global-reaching agencies and a team of field experts from around the world, features a series of still and video concepts captured on film by award-winning photographer Hamish Brown.

“Our customers are fanatic about wearing Oofos because what the product provides truly makes them feel better,” said Oofos President Steve Gallo. “For those who aren’t as familiar with our brand, our goal with this campaign was to illustrate the product benefits in a way that’s engaging to our target consumer, while demonstrating the comfort and recovery properties of the shoe.”

Also imperative was resonating with a global audience, as the campaign will be rolled out to 32 countries. The six-year-old brand is adrenalized to share this modern, electrifying and invigorating campaign with fitness enthusiasts and athletes around the world. Everything from casting to location to music was carefully considered. London-based Academy Films Director Jack Driscollfelt felt strongly that the film have an innovative, cutting-edge feel with cinematic layers and impact, without taking away from the product.

“I was thrilled with the opportunity to get involved in this project and provide a real visual spectacle that has widespread impact and announces the arrival of Oofos on the big stage,” said Driscoll.

The Champalimaud Centre for the Unknown in Lisbon, Portugal, was selected as the location for its clean, geometric aesthetic that would allow the product to stand out, and its offering of numerous potential backgrounds for the limitless movement of the cast. Beyond its visual appeal, the center, a landmark of the Lisbon riverfront, is home to a foundation that works to improve the health and well-being of people around the world. This uncovered synergy between the Foundation and Oofos was undeniable.

Casting focused on identifying highly-fit individuals that possess the dance skills, physical movement and agility the campaign demanded. The dancers selected for the campaign have impressive résumés that include everything from acrobatic gymnastics to ballet and salsa, and several have appeared on television, in international competitions and as part of global campaigns.

The combination of the breathtaking location and talented dancers allowed Driscoll to bring his concept to life.

“I wanted to use a form of dance to inject this product film with human dynamism,” said Driscoll. “It was vital that the choreography exist solely as an expression and manifestation of the freedom, comfort, relaxation and recuperative properties Oofos provides.”

The final campaign will be released in still and video shorts beginning Thursday, April 12, across social media, in Runner’s World, on Hulu and more.