Ortholite Hires Marty Greenwald As Global Sales Director

Ortholite Hires Marty Greenwald As Global Sales Director

OrthoLite announced the hire of Marty Greenwald as global sales director. This new position will further expand OrthoLite’s reach geographically while providing additional support to both brand partners and the entire OrthoLite sales organization in the United States, Asia, Europe, South America and beyond.

Greenwald has spent the last 23 years working within the footwear component industry at MacNeill Engineering, the top supplier of branded athletic traction systems.

 “Increasing and strengthening our global sales team to coincide with our geographic expansion plans is an integral element to OrthoLite’s continued success,” said C.B. Tuite, chief sales officer for OrthoLite. “We continue to grow the overall number of leading footwear brands that we supply around the globe, and we will continue to make the necessary investments in order to provide the first-class levels of service that our brand partners enjoy from OrthoLite. I have personally worked with Marty earlier in my career, and he shares the same strong leadership and work ethic qualities that will only enhance our global sales team to help exceed the expectations of our more than 300 brand partners worldwide.”

During Marty’s tenure at MacNeill Engineering Worldwide, he traveled extensively as an OEM Manager and as their national sales manager, where he collaborated with many of OrthoLite’s current brand partners. “As a result of his past experience, Marty has a unique opportunity to seamlessly transition into his new Global Sales Director role,” said Tuite.

 American-owned and operated, OrthoLite is the largest supplier of OEM branded insoles to the leading footwear brands across all categories and sales channels. OrthoLite has sales offices across the United States, Europe and Asia as well as manufacturing facilities in China, Vietnam and Indonesia.