Retailers Go Digital With Saucony’s Great American Running Store Challenge

Retailers Go Digital With Saucony’s Great American Running Store Challenge

Earlier this month, Saucony launched the Great American Running Store Campaign, honoring retailers and local communities throughout the U.S., encouraging consumers to “Run Big and Shop Small.” A unique digital extension of the campaign is a FitRankings-powered digital challenge, which will place retailers in a real-time, head-to-head competition for miles from July 11-July 21.

The challenge can be seen here.

FitRankings’ universal platform and technology toolset will allow consumers to select their home store, connect their favorite app (Strava, Garmin, Fitbit, etc.) and and rack up miles. Earlier this year, Saucony used FitRankings’ technology to run a similar challenge with 170 Fleet Feet Stores.

“At Saucony, we are always looking at innovative ways to connect with runners and active people. When we first sat down with Fitrankings to conduct beta tests with them, we knew that the platform was a game-changer in terms of aggregating all wearable devices into one single hub and allowing us to broaden a challenge, rather than focusing on one single fitness device/app.We have partnered with Fitrankings for over two years now, and continue to build new and exciting challenges for our local communities and nationwide, such as our latest activation around running big and shopping small, celebrating the “Great American Running Shop” during the month of July,” said Angus Treloar, director of global marketing for Saucony.

Pacers Running, a multi-location retailer and event company in Washington D.C., is participating in the Great American Running Store Challenge. Pacers is also part of a small group of retailers who have begun testing FitRankings technology solution for retailers.

Kathy Dalby, CEO of Pacers, stated, “We are encouraged by Saucony’s commitment to the retailer and their innovation in digital. As an early adopter of FitRankings, we believe it is an indispensable tool for retailers who want to remain relevant in a digital world.”

FitRankings, an Austin-based company launched in 2015, has worked with brands, organizations and retailers who subscribe to their platform and toolset.

“Retail is re-defining itself. Creating experiences, human connections and community is the advantage retail has over e-commerce. FitRankings’ technology allows retailers and brands to take the human element and scale it digitally through engaging experiences. We are excited to see innovative brands like Saucony and retailers like Pacers Running create inspiring experiences for the communities they serve,” said Patrick Hitchins, CEO and founder of FitRankings.