Toad&Co Announces Partnership with LimeLoop

Toad&Co Announces Partnership with LimeLoop

Toad&Co, the lifestyle company inspired by the outdoors, announced a partnership with LimeLoop, a new full-circle shipping solution for apparel.

Completely eliminating cardboard boxes and paper mailers, LimeLoop’s packaging is made with up-cycled vinyl from billboards and a zipper closure (with an up-cycled zip-tie for security). A return label is included with each package, so once you receive your goods, all you have to do is flip the label, leave the package at your mailbox for USPS and the shipper gets sent back to the warehouse where it came from to be used for future deliveries.

If you were to replace traditional shipping methods with LimeLoop’s shipping solution, over the course of one year approximately one billion trees and two hundred billion gallons of water would be saved. Following the initial pilot program, the shippers will contain GPS trackers for real-time tracking and to help with environmental impact monitoring. Customers will be able to download an app to track their package and learn more about the footprint of their shipment.

“Toad&Co is continually looking for opportunities to enhance the consumer experience and reduce our environmental impact in all aspects of the business,” said Kelly Milazzo, Toad&Co vice president of operations. “With the continued rise of global e-commerce business as well as our own, exceeding customer expectations and reducing the resources associated with consumer packaging have been focus points for us. We couldn’t be more excited to partner with LimeLoop, who is not only reimagining the future of sustainable packaging, but the consumer experience as well.”

Launching today, LimeLoop’s initial pilot program will be run in conjunction with Toad&Co and Planet Access Company. Planet Access Company, Toad&Co’s Chicago-based distribution center, runs a job training program for adults with disabilities that provides opportunities for 30 participants daily.

“Toad&Co’s approach to thoughtful innovation in all aspects of business and environmental impact created an exciting opportunity for us to rethink the entire packaging industry together,” noted Ashley Ethling, LimeLoop founder. “We are thrilled for them to be our first partner.”

Customers looking to receive their goods in LimeLoop’s up-cycled shipper can opt in at checkout.