UGG Collective Launches For Spring/Summer 2018

UGG Collective Launches For Spring/Summer 2018

Ugg, a division of Deckers Brands, introduced  their third UGG Collective campaign for Spring/Summer 2018. The Ugg Collective is a diverse group of individuals who forge their own path in life, have interesting things to say about living in California and are connected by their values. This season, the brand continues to tell their story through their newest cast of Ugg Collective members. Images and video content from the campaign will live on the brand’s digital channels, including Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat.

The Ugg Collective

The cast is comprised of real, everyday people who are provocative, progressive, free-spirited, sensual, optimistic and warm. Among them this season is a trailblazing punk band from Orange County, a famous Los Angeles muralist, students from University of California Santa Barbara, a fashion photographer, an acclaimed vlogger and an iconic multitalented Californian.

  • Frankie Horn is an English and Film & Media Studies major who spends his time writing, reading modernist literature and overthinking.
  • Gabrielle La Cascio is a student and artist who enjoys creating art in many mediums as a form of honest self-expression.
  • Daniel Hivner is a skateboarder, surfer and snowboarder who thrives off of the freedom and exhilaration of life.
  • Haden McKenna is a skateboarder whose style is influenced by the sport’s founders and his legendary Z-boy father.
  • Valerie von Sobel is an artist, actress and philanthropist who has worked alongside some of Hollywood’s most memorable film stars. With the help of her own charity, the Andre Sobel River of Life Foundation, Valerie strives to help single parents of terminally-ill children.
  • Cheyenne Keuben is a student and traveler who is constantly inspired by the power of nature and passionate about combating global warming.
  • Kent Twitchell is a famous Los Angeles-based artist who is known for his realistic multistoried mural portraits.
  • Zackery Michael is a photographer who lives a life of adventure with his girlfriend Lola. He frequently photographs his life and friends as he travels the road in California.
  • Lola McDonnel is a free spirit whose wild heart leads her on many sun-dappled adventures across the world. Her warmth, energy and spontaneity embody the California lifestyle.
  • Fletcher Shears is the drummer of Orange County-based, brother-duo band The Garden and describes his performative style as nightmarish yet oddly attractive.
  • Wyatt Shears is the bassist and vocalist of The Garden and describes his performative style as a brooding and intense cloud that blasts philosophical lightning bolts.
  • Ari Fitz is a fashion blogger, creative director and acclaimed vlogger renowned for her style web series, which inspires an unconventional approach to fashion and beauty.
  • Ayden is a cheerful, free-spirited seven-year-old who loves listening to R&B, playing video games and spending time with his family.
  • Sadie is a happy, fun-loving nine-year-old who loves making music, playing sports and going fishing with her family.
  • Paige is a vibrant nine-year-old who loves adventure, helping the homeless and spending time with family and friends.

This season, the campaign was shot in three diverse locations within California. They include the poppy-strewn mountains of Walker Canyon, Torrey Pines State Beach and the Lowe House in Palm Springs.

The brand campaign was shot by photographer Frederic Auerbach and videographer Kauai Moliterno and produced by HDF.LA under the creative direction of Jessica Wells. The cast was achieved by casting director Shay Nielsen and came to life with the help of wardrobe stylist Kate Ruth, hair stylist Gio Campora and makeup artist Katey Denno. The locations were given the right amount of flair and detail with the assistance of prop stylist Ariana Nakata.

Styles featured in the campaign include the brand’s iconic Classic boots, heritage sheepskin slippers and newly-introduced fashion sandals and sneakers.

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