Wiivv, the technology company on a mission to bring digitally customized footwear to the masses from a smartphone, announced today an integration with Volumental, the technology company helping millions of people worldwide find perfect fitting footwear through AI-driven recommendations in retail and e-commerce.

By integrating with Volumental’s footwear recommendation algorithms and retail 3D scanning experience, Wiivv now makes its custom-fit, 3D-printed footwear equally accessible in both retail and mobile app stores.

For Volumental, adding the elegant customization experience from mobile-first Wiivv as an option to its growing set of footwear customization technology partners gives its customers greater choice in selecting the appropriate custom footwear to add onto Volumental’s omnichannel recommendation platform.

“Until today, brands seeking custom fit technology had to choose whether to invest in retail or mobile, and consumers had to navigate two separate worlds,” said Wiivv Co-founder and CEO Shamil Hargovan. “We believe the future of consumer retail is channel agnostic. With our world-class partner, Volumental it is now possible to bring the digital science of comfort and customization anywhere, giving consumers flexible yet consistent on-ramps to custom products made using Wiivv Fit Technology.”

“Customers have been telling us they want the freedom to recommend both off-the-shelf and custom footwear, in retail and online,” said Moritz Schiebold, Volumental CEO. “We’ve worked hard to deliver that over the past year by expanding our omnichannel offerings and teaming up with best-in-class customization partners like Wiivv.

”The two companies showed off their technologies at the Boston Marathon Expo this past weekend, where more than 100,000 runners, supporters and race fans had the opportunity to get their feet scanned in less than five seconds and create made-to-order insoles or sandals. It ’s a powerful illustration of digital customization and 3D printing reinventing consumer relationships in footwear.

Last year, a Wiivv employee broke a record completing the Boston Marathon within 2:59:36 in the Wiivv Sandals.

About WIIVV: Wiivv (pronounced weave) is a technology company transforming footwear and apparel for every human body. Wiivv Insoles and Sandals are created uniquely for you, based on measurements taken from the award-winning Wiivv app. All Wiivv products are designed to enhance and support your unique body so that you can move and live your best. Wiivv also partners with brands and creators to spread custom fit comfort using Wiivv Fit Technology. Wiivv is headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, and 3D prints and assembles its insoles and sandals in San Diego, California. Based in Canada and the United States.

About Volumental: Based in Sweden, Volumental helps global footwear brands and retailers lead shoppers to their perfect fit. In one click and five seconds, our 3D scanner gathers ten different foot measurements and all the data needed for our AI-powered Fit Engine to offer personalized footwear recommendations. The solution empowers retailers and brands to build a new, omnichannel customer journey, reconsider the limits of current sizing systems, and unlock their unique value across channels – both in-store and online.