FDRA Responsible Factories

These factories have passed FDRA’s rigorous compliance assessment tests and have been found to comply with FDRA’s Code of Conduct.  They have been awarded FDRA’s highest factory honor as current Recognized Responsible Footwear Manufacturers. 

2016 FDRA Recognized Responsible Footwear Manufacturers:



Dongguan Mayflower Footwear Corp (China)

Serena Shoe Co. Ltd. (China)

Hue Phong Footwear Co. Ltd. (Vietnam)

Right Rich VN Co. Ltd. (Vietnam)


New Recipients

Guangzhou Zhujiang Properwell Shoes (China)

Shuang Feng Stella Footwear (China)

Anhui Teamwork Textile Co. Ltd. (China)

Pou Li Vietnam Co. Ltd. (Vietnam)


2015 FDRA Recognized Responsible Footwear Manufacturers:


Remington Products Company (Wadsworth, Ohio, USA)

Ram Fashion Exports P.LT (Mumbai, India)

Zhongshan Glory Shoes Industrial Co., Ltd (Zhongshan, China)

Guangxi Seville Footwear Co., Ltd (Guangxi, China)

Wenzhou Taiyangshen Shoe Co. (Wenzhou, China)

Goddess International Limited (Sichuan, China)

Please contact FDRA if you have any questions on these factories or FDRA’s Responsible Factory Program.