FDRA Shoe Sourcing Snapshots — China Alternatives

Shoe Sourcing Snapshots – A Look At China Alternatives for Brands Looking to Diversify Over Potential 301 Tariff Increases

As trade tensions between the U.S. and China continue – we at FDRA are getting asked for sourcing data and strategic advice on production diversification from major brands.  To assist, FDRA has made country production snapshots with data and insights (both opportunities and challenges) below of nations with rising levels of shoe imports into the U.S.

FDRA members in need of support should contact FDRA for specific in-depth information. NOTE: Each month, FDRA produces an updated import report by country and product (athletic, leather, kids and boots) you can find in our monthly sourcing newsletter or can locate in FDRA’s Intel Center.

For those exploring how they can start to make shoes in China and then ship down to Vietnam to finish them and get the country of origin as Vietnam, please note these two resources:

View FDRA’s current Footwear Import Report
with total YTD shoe imports
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