2014 Children’s Footwear Report Shows Disturbing Trends – Action Urged

2014 Children’s Footwear Report Shows Disturbing Trends – Action Urged

The Footwear Distributors and Retailers of America (FDRA) today released a special  report on children’s footwear. The report provides facts and information on a variety of information related to children’s footwear, including the rising burden footwear duties are placing on American families. The report’s findings show a growing negative trend of ‘footwear insecurity’, the lack of a stable family income and resources to provide children adequate footwear, across America. The key points from the report include:

* Duties on children’s footwear are increasing dramatically.
* Charitable shoe drives for low-income children on the rise across America.
* A new average of $3 for every pair of shoes sold at retail is due to ‘hidden taxes’.

“This report is eye opening.  Duties on children’s footwear are up an appalling 53% since 2010.  Even worse, there are a growing number of children across America in need of footwear who can’t get them in part because of these high duties,” said President & CEO of RG Barry Brands and FDRA Chairman Greg Tunney.  “That should sound alarm bells for Washington, DC and our industry.  At a time when many are still trying to get back on their feet, they are paying an average of $3 more than they need to for a pair of shoes for their children.  That is real money to families in need.  I encourage everyone to read this report and get more active with FDRA.  We cannot in good conscience fail to speak out and work to end these footwear tariffs once and for all.”

The report can be read here

 There is something everyone can do to help in under 60 seconds. Using FDRA’s advocacy tool anyone can send a pre-written letter to their Senator and Member of Congress asking them to read this report and support the AFA.  

Click here to send a letter to your Member of Congress and Senator

The Children’s Footwear Report touts the Affordable Footwear Act (AFA) as legislation that would eliminate approximately $800 million in duties on lower-priced children’s footwear, outdoor shoes and some athletic. The bill has wide support, but FDRA says the industry must continue to tell these stories to Senators and Members of Congress to keep pushing the bill towards the finish line.

“This report is a major tool we will use to ensure Congress understands that footwear duties drive up costs and harm consumers,” said FDRA President Matt Priest. “For far too long our consumers have been burdened by excessive duties, when families can’t afford footwear for their kids. I think more and more people will start to see this as a fairness issue.”