Today at FN Platform in Las Vegas, FDRA hosted a panel on Footwear and Technology.  The panel discussed how technology is changing how we make footwear (3-D printing), how we interact with consumers and ensure they are getting what they want, and how business process has completely change due to the ability to collect and analyze data.

To help the industry keep up on all the current trends in technology and innovation related to footwear, FDRA has created an IDEAS LAB.  Unveiled at FN Platform, FDRA’s IDEAS LAB is all about innovation, technology, creative thinking, and the study and discussion of game changing ideas for the footwear industry.  Business as usual need not apply in this lab.

FDRA hopes to use its IDEAS LAB to help the industry as well as educate the public and U.S. officials about how footwear is one of the most innovative industries in the world.

Click here to visit the IDEAS LAB


If you see an article about footwear innovation – or have a creative thought – share it with us!  Cool ideas will be posted, great ideas will be rewarded!