Footwear Innovation: SOLE Recycled Cork Sandal

Footwear Innovation: SOLE Recycled Cork Sandal

Using over 75 million natural corks from ReCORK,
SOLE pioneers a closed-loop footwear manufacturing process for Spring 2018.

In 2008, SOLE adopted ReCORK, the largest cork recycling program in the U.S.  To date ReCORK has planted more than 8,000 cork trees and collected over 75 million wine corks, reducing the company’s carbon footprint beyond carbon neutral into
carbon negative.

“By using recycled natural wine corks in our footwear, we are eliminating the usage of other harmful materials
used otherwise in the production of footwear.” — Mike Baker, Founder & CEO, SOLE/ReCORK.


Beach Flips

SOLE Beach Flips are made with 100 percent recycled wine corks with a metatarsal pad, an anatomical shape for natural toe splay and an orthopedic fit that wear molds to the foot.

Casual Flips

SOLE Casual Flips are a splash-resistant sandal featuring a canvas upper and firm footbed made of 100 percent recycled wine corks. This line is wear moldable with a metatarsal pad and anatomical shape for natural toe splay.

Sports Flips

The classic SOLE Sport Flip is comfortable, versatile and water friendly. Wear them to the beach, pool, park or around the house.

Photos and video courtesy SOLE