NSGA: Sporting Goods Market Grows 2 percent in 2014

NSGA: Sporting Goods Market Grows 2 percent in 2014

Consumer-reported retail sales of sporting goods equipment, athletic footwear and athletic apparel increased 2 percent in 2014, according to the 2015 edition of the NSGA Sporting Goods Market report, which was released by the National Sporting Goods Association.

The new report shows that dollar sales increased by 2 percent for both sporting goods equipment and athletic footwear, while athletic apparel remained flat (0 percent) vs. 2013. The equipment category experienced largest dollar gains in the exercise and hunting/firearms segments, the footwear category was led by walking shoes and cross training / fitness shoes, and the apparel category was driven by the swimming, bicycle riding, and running segments.

From a channel of purchase perspective, full-line sporting goods stores were the leading channel of purchase for equipment and footwear. Within the equipment segment specialty sport shops and discount stores continued to be the second and third largest outlets. In the footwear segment on-line sites ranked No. 2 and the discount store segment was No. 3.

In addition to reporting sales trends for more than 130 product categories, NSGA’s Sporting Goods Market report also includes insights into the channels of purchase and the demographics of the key users for a majority of these product categories. Combined with its Sports Participation offerings including participation trends, cross participation, and lifecycle demographics, as well as its new shopper insights report, NSGA’s portfolio of research provides a comprehensive view of the state of the sporting goods industry.

For more information on each report and to purchase your copies today, please visit www.nsga.org/research.