Matt Brown bio

Matt Brown
Vice President
Richlife Footwear, Hong Kong

Matt began his footwear career whilst at Columbia Sportswear as Northeast Sales Manager, then continued on as the President of MAGNUM police uniform boots & shoes for HI-TEC SPORTS in Southend–on–Sea, in the UK. In this role, Matt was responsible for sales, marketing, product design/development & merchandising. After a long career with MAGNUM, Matt was recruited to BUSNIESS MAX (a division of Richlife Footwear) in Hong Kong, where he continues manufacturing & developing footwear for our branded customers around the world. In the year 2018, Richlife manufactured in excess of 6M pairs of boots & shoes in Asia. Matts’ rounded experience in footwear, from sales to manufacturing product, offers a unique perspective on the realities of sourcing your footwear needs around the world.