Reebok FDRA Review

Athletic (athleasure) footwear members taking advantage of the below FDRA products and services to increase certainty and make better business decisions include NIKE, UA, Fila, skechers, Puma, Brooks, Hoka, K-Swiss, Saucony, and others…


Design, Product Development and IP:

– Materials and innovation summit – over 100 designers, product development/materials professionals (from nearly 30 brands) attended our material summit last year, we expect an increase this year.  Click here to see the type of speakers and topics we cover:  The 2018 Summit will again be at NC State in September.

– Footwear Design Summit:

– Monthly Design and IP digest:

– Monthly Material costs:

– Smart Shoe Series – over 2018 we will hold a number of seminars, webinars and some workshops on 3D design and development to a number of innovations impacting how we design, develop and produce shoes.  An example:

– Material Exchange Project – we are helping to build a digitial material database for brands…making it easier to select the right material and communicate with suppliers…cutting costs and man hours, while increasing certainty. See the Intro to ME video here. 



– Rulings Booklet 2017:

– Customs Report (monthly):

– FTDC – annual traffic and customs conference where 200 supply chain and customs professionals network and learn:

– Total footwear import and customs center – from classification of samples, to labeling requirements to
trade agreement info, its all here, free for members:

– Annual Customs Meeting:


Product Safety:

– quarterly updates:

– FDRA’s Global Footwear Testing Guide (online):

– Risk Management (chemical fail rate) report:

– Summit:


Sourcing, Supply Chain and social compliance:

– Monthly newsletter:

– Material costs:

– Import data by category:

– Yearly Sourcing Report:

– Factory Training online (FDRA provides members with a set of compliance courses for its compliance team and/or factories):

– RFP/Code of Conduct:

– Annual Summit:

– Quarterly update calls:

– Trade and Politics Newsletter:


Working Groups:




A visual look at our footwear industry:

Shoe-in Show:

Continual learning and engagement – industry leaders talking to industry leaders: