Shoe Sustainability & Materials Innovation Series

Shoe Sustainability & Materials Innovation Series

Join us for this series looking beyond the buzz words of sustainability and material innovation. We will focus on GROWing (GReen Optimal Workflow) your shoe sustainability. Attendees will hear from experts and industry leaders on how you can actually make your shoes more sustainable—tips, case studies, and best practices across different product categories. You will also learn how you set up the right structure and workflow to ensure you are executing against a real strategy rather than a piecemeal organization and programs. You will see a focus on real material innovations changing our products and how we do business. Attendees will hear about new materials being developed and what they should be looking for and asking from their suppliers as they fold new materials into products.


  • Sustainability case studies featuring leading brands
  • Best practices around sustainability workflow and team structure
  • Updates from the field—sustainability and responsible sourcing orgs sound off
  • How to become more sustainable even with product constraints—low price points, fashion shoes, etc.
  • What’s new with recycling, circularity, and FDRA’s Shoe Waste Program
  • How to talk about sustainability to consumers—language to use or not use by a legal expert
  • New Materials being developed that have yet to come to market
  • How material suppliers are trying to make materials that better fit in the production process
  • Digital supply chains—why the coronavirus in China makes it more critical
  • How material suppliers are constantly reducing their environmental footprint

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