Tweet Trump On Shoe Tariffs

Take Action! Tell Trump No New Tariffs on Shoes.

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.@realDonaldTrump – Footwear is already hit with a $3 billion #tariff bill EVERY Year. That’s enough to buy 855 Starbucks coffees for everyone in Manhattan! 80% of kids shoes are made in China. U.S. families cannot afford even higher tariffs on shoes! Please – #NoNewTariffs!

President Trump is again pushing to raise tariffs on products from China. The threat of higher footwear tariffs is real, as talks with the Chinese continue.

We urge you to help us get an important message to the President, via his favorite platform Twitter, explaining the negative impact of already high shoe tariffs on American families.

If you have Twitter, please click the “Tweet” button on this page and send the President a pre-written tweet against new shoe tariffs. It takes less than 2 seconds. With hundreds of footwear workers across the U.S. tweeting him together the message is sure to break through!