USPTO – Utility patents issued in the month of November – February:


Utility patents issued in the month of November – February:

Pat. No.            Title                                                                        Assignee

10,213,647        Athletic Performance Monitoring Systems           NIKE, Inc.

10,213,330        Orthopaedic Device for Lower Limb of Human   None

10,213,134        Wireless In-Shoe Physical Activity Monitoring    None

10,212,994        Smart Watch Band                                                 ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.

10,212,989        Shoe Having Upper and Sole                                 Asics Corporation

10,212,988        Articles of Footwear & Sole Structuresfor SameNIKE, Inc.

10,212,987        Method of Manuf. Anatomical Support System    Applied BioKinetics LLC

10,212,986        System, Apparel, Method- IDing Performance     ARRIS Enterprises LLC

10,211,870        Article w/ Multi-Frequency Wireless Commun.   NIKE, Inc.

10,207,149        Flight Time                                                            NIKE, Inc.

10,206,459        Closure Device for a Sports Footwear                  Tecnica Group S.P.A.

10,206,458        Footwear w/ Tongue w/ Plurality of Loops           Converse Inc.

10,206,457        One-Piece Shoe Insert – Pointed Toe Boxes          None

10,206,456        Footwear w/ Sole Member-  Geometric Patterns NIKE, Inc.

10,206,455        Sole Structure w/ Auxetic Structures and Sipes    NIKE, Inc.

10,206,454        Dual Layer Sole System with Auxetic Structure   NIKE, Inc.

10,206,453        Footwear Including a Support Cage                      Wolverine Outdoors, Inc.

10,206,452        Free Weight Exercise Shoes                                  None

10,206,451        Cycling Shoe                                                          Specialized Bicycle Components, Inc.

10,206,450        Quick Release, Interchangeable Sandal Strap       None

10,206,449        Sandals                                                                   JACQ LLC

10,206,448        Wearable Step-Counting Shoe                              Homeway Technology Co., Ltd.

10,206,444        Fastener for Garment Drawstrings, Laces, Etc.     None

10,206,441        Securing Systems for Gloves or Other Objects     NIKE, Inc.

10,206,277        Gradient Encapsulant Protection of Devices         Intel Corporation

10,202,993        Latching System                                                    Lockdowel, Inc.

10,201,212        Footwear- Tensioning Sys. w/ Guide Assembly   NIKE, Inc.

10,201,211        Insole with Inferiorly Extending Projections        NIKE, Inc.

10,201,210        Restraint to Allow Heel/Forefoot Motion             NIKE, Inc.

10,201,209        Miracle Heel                                                          None

10,197,332        Apparel Drying Assemblies, Methods of Drying  None

10,195,815        Apparel w/ Auxetic Layer Coupled to Elastic       Under Armour, Inc.

10,195,506        System, Method of Using Thickening Materials   Head Technology GMBH; et al.

10,195,475        Resistance Training System                                   Functionwear, LLC

10,195,431        Method of Providing Electrical Stimulation          None

10,194,717        Button Cover Device                                             None

10,194,716        Automated Identification, Assembly- Shoe Parts NIKE, Inc.

10,194,715        Shoelace Binding Device                                       Kyoungdo Co., Ltd

10,194,714        Footwear w/ Upper w/ Stitched Polymer Thread adidas AG

10,194,713        Article of Footwear with Mesh Structure              NIKE, Inc.

10,194,712        Method of Customizing Forefoot Cushioning       NIKE, Inc.

10,194,711        Packaged Dyed Knitted Component                      NIKE, Inc.

10,192,160        Radio-Frequency Identification Device                Tagsys

10,189,209        Systems & Method for Producing 3D Articles      DSM IP Assets B.V.

10,189,192        Decorative Foam and Method                               NIKE, Inc.

10,189,185        Device for Displaying Image on Apparel              NIKE, Inc.

10,188,933        Method, System for Ball Positions, First Downs  None

10,188,347        Energy Expenditure Device                                   NIKE, Inc.

10,188,319        Method – Foot Orthotic through 3D Printing         Aetrex Worldwide, Inc.

10,188,174        Sole Structures, Footwear w/ Midsole Member    NIKE, Inc.

10,188,173        System, Methods for Adjusting Variables             Alliance Design and Development Group

10,188,172        Massage Insole with Multiple Support Regions    Health Shoes Plus, Inc.

10,188,171        Alignment System for Cleat & Base Assembly    Speedplay, Inc.

10,188,170        Signaling Sole for Shoes, Shoe, and Kit                Vibram S.p.A.

10,188,169        Sensor for an Article of Footwear                         NIKE, Inc.

10,184,195        Knitted Component w/ Auxetic Portion, Tensile  NIKE, Inc.

10,183,714        Motorcycle Control Pads                                       MX Control Tech

10,183,423        Method – Blast/Shock Wave Mitigating Material Purdue Research Foundation

10,182,744        Footwear Having Sensor System                           NIKE, Inc.

10,182,621        Protective Foot Covering Device                          None

10,182,620        Footwear Ankle Collar Trim Transition                NIKE, Inc.

10,182,619        Footwear w/ Woven or Non-Woven Textile         NIKE, Inc.

10,182,618        Material for Shoe Upper                                        adidas AG

10,182,617        Footwear Upper w/ Knitted Component               NIKE, Inc.

10,182,616        Shoe Liners and Method for Making the Same     None

10,182,615        Light-Cured Composite Insole                             Light Composites, LLC

10,182,614        Sole System w/ Movable Protruding Members     NIKE, Inc.

10,182,613        Sole of Shoe Having Partially Adjustable HeightNone

10,182,612        Sole Structure w/ Nonlinear Bending Stiffness     NIKE, Inc.

10,182,611        Footwear w/ Flexible Reinforcing Plate                NIKE, Inc.

10,182,610        Feet Position Guidance Aid                                   Footbalance System OY

10,182,609        Aperture Cover for Bicycle Cleat Assembly         Speedplay, Inc.

10,182,608        Article with Illuminating Surface                          NIKE, Inc.

10,179,850        Foamable Composition, Process for Producing    Asahi Kasei Chemicals Corporation

10,178,893        Shoe                                                                       None

10,178,892        Protection Devices for Use in Shoes, Products     TBL Licensing LLC

10,178,891        Sole & Article of Footwear w/ Pod Assembly      Reebok International Limited

10,178,890        Intelligent Electronic Footwear, Control Logic     NIKE, Inc.

10,178,815        Protected Wearables                                              Vieyra Inc.

10,174,910        Method for Making Reflective, Self-Luminous    Bu Shang Enterprise Co., Ltd.

10,174,447        Thermoplastic Non-Woven Textile Elements       NIKE, Inc.

10,173,391        Pad Comprising Extruded Mesh and Method        Albany International Corp.

10,173,124        Retractable Inline Skate Shoe                                None

10,173,101        Athletic Perf. Monitoring Systems, Methods        NIKE, Inc.

10,172,423        Capacitive Foot Presence Sensing Devices           NIKE, Inc.

10,172,422        Knitted Footwear Component w/ Inlaid Ankle     NIKE, Inc.

10,172,421        Shoe Outsoles and Systems and Methods             The Topline Corporation

10,172,420        Guitar-Shaped Bladder for Footwear                    NIKE, Inc.

10,172,419        Adjustable Bladder System w/ External Valve     NIKE, Inc.

10,172,418        Footwear w/ Multi-Layered Support Assembly    NIKE, Inc.

10,172,417        Sole System Having Protruding Members            NIKE, Inc.

10,172,416        Flex Groove Sole Assembly w/Biasing Structure NIKE, Inc.

10,172,415        Sole Assembly Formed from Multiple Preforms  NIKE, Inc.

10,172,414        Locking Midsole and Insole Assembly                 Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.

10,172,413        Customized Insoles for Diabetic,Pressure Ulcers The Bd. of Trustees of Univ. of Alabama

10,172,412        Cushioning Shoe Insert                                          None

10,172,411        Base for a Ski Boot and Ski Boot w/ Such Base   K2 Sports, LLC

10,172,410        Footwear                                                                29 PS Pty Ltd.

10,172,409        Intelligent Electronic Footwear, Control Logic     NIKE, Inc.

10,172,396        Smartphone-Controlled Active Configuration      None

10,167,922        Multistructural Shock Absorbing System              Kevin McDonnell

10,166,734        Mold Apparatus, Mold System, and Method        NIKE, Inc.

10,166,164        Adaptive Compression Therapy Systems              Radial Medical, Inc.

10,165,832        Method – Sole Structure w/ Fluid Filled MemberNIKE, Inc.

10,165,831        Shoelace                                                                 San Dai Enterprise Co., Ltd.

10,165,830        Shoe Upper                                                            Asics Corporation

10,165,829        Spacer Textile Material with Tensile Strands       NIKE, Inc.

10,165,828        Article of Footwear with Decoupled Upper          NIKE, Inc.

10,165,827        Outsole w/ Grip Reduction Extension Members   NIKE, Inc.

10,165,826        Footwear w/ Midsole Assembly w/ Bladder         NIKE, Inc.

10,165,825        Article of Footwear with Adaptive Fit                  NIKE, Inc.

10,165,824        Sole Member for an Article of Footwear              NIKE, Inc.

10,165,823        Damping Element in Shoe Soles                           BASF SE

10,165,822        Insulated Footwear Articles                                   W. L. Gore & Associates

10,165,821        Sole for a Shoe, in Particular, a Running Shoe     ECCO Sko A/S

10,165,820        Valve Assembly for Controlling Flow Direction  None

10,161,080        Ventilation Insert                                                   Carl Freudenberg KG

10,161,069        Stuffers for Purses, Boots and the Like                 I’m Out!, Inc.

10,160,244        Method for Dye-Sublimation Printing Orthotic    None

10,159,427        Passive Foot Sensor Insole Feedback Device       Rehabit, LLC

10,159,311        Embroidered Vamp Process and Vamp                 Sincetech (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd.

10,159,310        Rear Closing Upper for Footwear, Front Zipper   NIKE, Inc.

10,159,309        Vamp w/ Loop Protection Eyelets and Method    Sincetech (Fujian) Technology Co., Ltd.

10,159,308        Article of Footwear with Decoupled Upper          NIKE, Inc.

10,159,307        Sole Structure for Article of Footwear                  NIKE, Inc.

10,159,306        Shoe Sole                                                               Asics Corporation

10,159,305        Article of Footwear Having a Sole Structure        NIKE, Inc.

10,159,304        Footwear Having Pivotable Heel                           None

10,159,303        Antistatic Shoe                                                       New Process Corp.

10,159,302        Footwear Having an Adjustable Length Feature   Mizuno USA, Inc.

10,159,301        Shoe System with Interchangeable Uppers           None

10,159,300        Convertible Footwear Apparatus                           None

10,159,299        Footwear Securing Device                                     None

10,159,298        Footwear Incorporating an Illuminable Panel       NIKE, Inc.

10,159,297        Patterned Plexus of Filaments, Method                 None

10,159,291        Side Release Buckle Fastener w/Insert Structure Invertlock DFM, LLC

10,157,503        Augmented Reality System                                   None

10,155,855        Method and Flexible Lattice Foams                      NIKE, Inc.

10,154,705        Foot Orthotic Design System                                Kinetic Orthotics Pty Ltd

10,151,648        Footwear Having Sensor System                           NIKE, Inc.

10,151,565        Body Armor w/ Superelastic Spacer Fabric          Arthrex, Inc.

10,149,637        Methods & Systems for Sizing Orthotic Device   None

10,149,515        Orientations for Ground-Engaging Member         NIKE, Inc.

10,149,514        Single Pull Squared-Cord Shoe Closure System   Fit Squared Shoes, LLC

10,149,513        Sole Structure for Article of Footwear                  NIKE, Inc.

10,149,512        Massage Shoes with Combination Arch Support None

10,147,010        Smart Shoe                                                             BOE Technology Group Co., Ltd. 

10,145,546        Enclosed Lighting Module with Switch                None

10,145,041        Method for Knitting Shoe Upper, Shoe Upper      Shima Seiki Mfg., Ltd.

10,144,173        Segmented Tunnels on Articles                             NIKE, Inc.

10,143,834        Electrotherapeutic Sole & Method for Making     None

10,143,269        Shoe Charm Holder Device                                   None

10,143,268        Achilles Heel Wedge                                             OSSUR HF

10,143,267        Shoe Bottom Surface Having Attached Particles Dynasty Footwear, Ltd.

10,143,266        Article of Footwear w/ a Lattice Sole Structure    NIKE, Inc.

10,143,265        Shoe and Sole                                                        adidas AG

10,143,264        Shoe and Sole                                                        adidas AG

10,143,263        Shoe-Forming Member, Method, Shoe                Asics Corporation

10,143,262        Anti-Static Sports Equipment, Sports System       Markus Harml; Huber Ski-Con KG

10,143,261        Shoe with Magnetic Attachment Mechanism        Cat Perkins Inc.

10,143,260        Footwear Incorporating a Knitted Component      NIKE, Inc.

10,139,090        Rechargeable Illuminating Shoes                          None

10,138,582        Thermoplastic Non-Woven Textile Elements       NIKE, Inc.

10,136,842        Footwear Apparatus with Technique Feedback    ICON Health & Fitness, Inc.

10,136,727        Boot Rack with Angled Support                            Richards Homewares, Inc.

10,136,703        Methods & Apparatuses for Making Orthotics     Superfeet Worldwide, Inc.

10,136,702        Footwear Accessory Binding System                    Kahtoola, Inc.

10,136,701        Tensile-Strand Enclosure System for Footwear    NIKE, Inc.

10,136,700        Article Of Footwear With Fluid-Filled Chamber NIKE, Inc.

10,136,699        Massaging Insole for Footwear with Energy         None

10,136,698        Shoe Insole                                                            Implus Footcare, LLC

10,136,697        Contoured Support Insole                                      Implus Footcare, LLC

10,136,696        Skate Boot Tongue                                                Sport Maska Inc.

10,136,695        Footwear Upper w/ Selectively Located Padding NIKE, Inc.

10,136,694        Protective Cover for an Article of Footwear         Fi-Ber Sports, Inc.

10,136,684        Molded Watersports, Cold Climate Accessories   Solite Innovations LLC

10,132,646        Measuring Device for Ambulation Data               Korea Institute of Science and Technology

10,132,340        Attachment Apparatuses, Associated Methods     Apple Inc.

10,131,091        Methods of Joining Textiles & Other Elements    NIKE, Inc.

10,130,555        Foot Massage Physiotherapy Plates                      Jiqian Li

10,130,504        Inflatable Prosthetic Boot Insole                           Rodney Matthews

10,130,197        Support Material Having an Hourglass Shape      None

10,130,144        Method for Making a Shoe in a 3-D Manner        Dah Lih Puh Co., Ltd.

10,130,143        Article of Footwear w/Adjustable Cleat Member NIKE, Inc.

10,130,142        Footwear w/ Knitted Comp., Biased Member       NIKE, Inc.

10,130,141        Article of Footwear with Sole Member                 NIKE, Inc.

10,130,140        Footwear with Soil-Shedding Performance           NIKE, Inc.

10,130,139        Orthotic Insole for a Woman’s Shoe                      Marion Parke Designs, LLC

10,130,138        Exoskeletal Boot                                                    Apex Sports Group, LLC

10,130,137        Flexible Footwear Article & Method of Manuf.   None

10,130,136        Article of Footwear Having a Textile Upper         NIKE, Inc.

10,130,135        Article of Footwear Having a Textile Upper         NIKE, Inc.

10,128,961        Angular Electrode                                                  Intel Corporation

10,125,451        Method for Marking References on Flat Article   Bramac S.R.L.; Lugino Criante

10,123,589        Reel Based Lacing System                                    Boa Technology, Inc.

10,123,588        Footwear Ground Engaging Members, Concave None

10,123,587        Adjustable Bladder System for Footwear              NIKE, Inc.

10,123,586        Independently Movable Sole Structure                 NIKE, Inc.

10,123,585        Sole for a Shoe                                                       adidas AG

10,123,584        Adjustable Sole Support System                           DashAmerica, Inc.

10,123,583        Athletic Performance Monitoring Systems           NIKE, Inc.

10,123,098        Footwear Products w/ Data Trans. Capabilities    NIKE, Inc.

10,121,179        Methods and Systems of Making Footwear          NIKE, Inc.

10,119,814        Determining Size of Item Based on Data              Amazon Technologies, Inc.

10,117,479        Shoe and Method for Making a Shoe                    Regina Miracle International (Group) Ltd

10,117,478        Method of Customizing Heel Cushioning             NIKE, Inc.

10,117,477        Sports Boot                                                            Salomon S.A.S.

10,117,475        Apparatus To Prevent Removal of Clothing         HDLJ Creations LLC