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Footwear tariffs are the largest inhibitor of innovation and profit for the footwear industry.  These regressive and prohibitive duties were established in the 1930s and average over 10% compared to just 1.3% for all consumer goods.  Footwear tariffs can reach as high as an astonishing 67.5%.  The federal tariff code (USHTS) for footwear is more than 150 lines full of technical details – causing the industry to spend time and money on experts to both interpret what footwear falls where within the code, and how they might have to change footwear components to lower their duty costs.  Worse, these tariffs protect no domestic manufacturing industry, 99% of all footwear is made overseas.

Due to the technical nature and inherent confusion of footwear customs issues, FDRA works to help both large and small companies have more clarity involving their footwear duty bills.  It is also the only association in America fighting to completely eliminate footwear tariffs to help companies and American consumers who are paying higher costs as a result.  As confusion continues and new issues have emerged, FDRA has established an innovative customs program focused on helping the industry with their customs challenges.

Details on FDRA’s customs program, as well as resources to help you with your footwear customs needs, can be found below.  If you have questions, or are in need of customs support, please contact FDRA at info@fdra.org

Customs Services and Initiatives for FDRA members:

FDRA offers its members a wide array of services and products to help clarify complex customs issues.  Click here to learn more about how FDRA’s customs program can help your company, including:

  • Footwear Customs Classification of Your Samples
  • FDRA Customs Report Newsletter and Working Group
  • Customs Document Archive
  • Special Customs Workshop (FTDC)

Important Footwear Customs Issues:

Recent U.S. Customs Footwear Rulings:

* FDRA provides a monthly Customs Report for members detailing all new footwear rulings. A sample of a few recent decisions are below.  If you have questions, or are in need of customs support, please contact FDRA at info@fdra.org

Footwear Classification App:

For years, FDRA has provided customs classification clarification to assist its members.  To enhance and expand its ability to serve the industry, FDRA worked with ecVision®, a leader in supply chain collaboration solutions for retailers and brands, to create ecVision Classify®.  Classify is an iOS mobile app, the only of its kind, which allows footwear customs professionals to electronically submit footwear images, and corresponding product attributes, to FDRA for evaluation and a professional opinion about which Harmonized Tariff Schedule (HTS) code the footwear sample would be classified under. Access is available for $48/year for FDRA members and $100/year for non-FDRA members. For information about the mobile app, contact FDRA at info@fdra.org

Click here to get the App

Click here to register for an account

ecVision Classify App User Guide

FDRA Registration Guide_Revised

Resources to Assist with Footwear Customs Issues:

  • The Footwear Import Resource Center (FDRA members can assess this resource page this in the Intel Center under the Customs Archive header)
  • Customs Document Archive (FDRA members can assess footwear customs docs going back to the 1990s in this archive the Intel Center under the Customs Archive header)

For additional information or tailored labeling consulting services, please contact FDRA directly at info@fdra.org.