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U.S. Footwear Retail Snapshot

$75 Billion in Yearly US Retail Sales

210,000 Workers in Shoes Stores Nationwide

2% Growth YTD in Shoe Stores, 10+% Growth YTD Online

FDRA represents and serves over 80% of all footwear distributors and retailers in America.  To help its members understand and adapt to a changing retail landscape, FDRA produces a number of data reports and holds monthly calls related to footwear sales, as well as economic and retail trends impacting the industry.  FDRA’s data and analysis covers multiple channels  from shoe stores to department stores to internet sales.

Below are samples and descriptions of various products and services FDRA provides its members.  If you are an FDRA member, you can find the most up-to-date reports and newsletters located in the FDRA Intel Center.  If you are not a member but are interested in joining to get FDRA’s full range of data, analysis and services, please contact FDRA.

Weekly US Sales Survey (Real-time Footwear Retail Snapshot)

11,000 footwear stores report sales data to FDRA providing the industry’s association with both national and regional sales in real-time, every week. 

Monthly US Shoe Sales Report

Monthly FDRA analysis of both general and footwear-specific retail data from U.S. Government sources.  Covers sales data for independent shoe stores, e-commerce and mass retail alike.

Monthly US Footwear Price Report

Provides insight into footwear price trends for men’s, women’s, and children’s footwear and forecasts future price trends based on historical data.  Useful tool for FDRA members tracking discounting and pricing trends.

Shoe Store Employment Update

Captures vital information on wages, working hours, and employment levels at shoe stores across the U.S. for FDRA members.  Useful for industry HR professionals.

Monthly Footwear Retail Recap: Newsletter on Retail Trends

FDRA issues a monthly Footwear Retail Recap newsletter to the entire industry at the end of each month highlighting top news stories and consumer trend updates. Click here to register to recieve this newsletter.

Quarterly NPD & FDRA Marketplace Trends Report

In partnership with the NPD Group, this report measures and analyzes quarterly footwear sales  exploring key market drivers to help companies see important trends. 

Monthly Canadian Footwear Sales Analysis

Selling shoes north of the border?  This report includes sales data and FDRA analysis from shoe stores across Canada.

Monthly European Footwear Report

Navigating the complex European marketplace?  FDRA publishes a monthly look at economic trends impacting European markets, and current and future consumer spending.  This report also highlights current retail trends and European footwear import metrics, impacting inventory levels that drive pricing.

Monthly Economic & Retail Conference Call

Each 30 min call covers latest footwear sales data, analyzes U.S. and global economic issues, and commodity prices that impact costs and sales. Participants come away with a better understanding of the current footwear retail and economic environment impacting sales, as well as marketplace trends that could impact future sales. For FDRA members only.

 If you have questions about the American footwear marketplace, or if you wish to discuss membership to receive FDRA’s products and services, please contact FDRA.